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// App/utilities/AndroidFontFix.js
import React from 'react';
import { Platform, StyleSheet, Text } from 'react-native';
import { getManufacturerSync } from 'react-native-device-info';
// This fixes this bug:
// As of 6/2/2020, this bug is marked as closed and Facebook has signalled that
mikepfeiffer /
Created Jan 27, 2019
Install Stress Utility on Amazon Linux 2
sudo amazon-linux-extras install epel -y
sudo yum install stress -y
jswny / Flexible Dockerized Phoenix
Last active Jun 22, 2021
A guide to building and running zero-dependency Phoenix (Elixir) deployments with Docker. Works with Phoenix 1.2 and 1.3.
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I. Preface and Motivation

This guide was written because I don't particularly enjoy deploying Phoenix (or Elixir for that matter) applications. It's not easy. Primarily, I don't have a lot of money to spend on a nice, fancy VPS so compiling my Phoenix apps on my VPS often isn't an option. For that, we have Distillery releases. However, that requires me to either have a separate server for staging to use as a build server, or to keep a particular version of Erlang installed on my VPS, neither of which sound like great options to me and they all have the possibilities of version mismatches with ERTS. In addition to all this, theres a whole lot of configuration which needs to be done to setup a Phoenix app for deployment, and it's hard to remember.

For that reason, I wanted to use Docker so that all of my deployments would be automated and reproducable. In addition, Docker would allow me to have reproducable builds for my releases. I could build my releases on any machine that I wanted in a contai

lizrice / vpc-fargate.yaml
Created Jan 23, 2018
Cloudformation template for setting up VPC and subnets for Fargate
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# Usage:
# aws cloudformation --region <region> create-stack --stack-name <stack name> --template-body file://vpc-fargate.yaml
# This template will:
# Create a VPC with:
# 2 Public Subnets
# 2 Private Subnets
# An Internet Gateway (with routes to it for Public Subnets)
# A NAT Gateway for outbound access (with routes from Private Subnets set to use it)
elliette /
Last active May 30, 2021
Describing `belongsToMany` and `hasMany` methods in Sequelize

Defining Many-to-Many Associations in Sequelize

Reference: Sequelize docs on association

Let’s say we have two models: Films and Festivals

We know that a film can be shown at many film festivals and that, conversely, a festival can show many films. This is what is known as a many-to-many relationship.

Knowing this, we can set up our associations:

View run phoenix on amazon
# app deps
sudo yum install git
# erlang deps
sudo yum groupinstall "Development Tools"
sudo yum install ncurses-devel openssl-devel
# erlang
tar -zxvf otp_src_19.2.tar.gz
chrismccord /
Last active Jun 9, 2020
Phoenix 1.2.x to 1.3.0 Upgrade Instructions

If you want a run-down of the 1.3 changes and the design decisions behidn those changes, check out the LonestarElixir Phoenix 1.3 keynote:

To use the new project generator, you can install the archive with the following command:

$ mix archive.install

Bump your phoenix dep

Phoenix v1.3.0 is a backwards compatible release with v1.2.x. To upgrade your existing 1.2.x project, simply bump your phoenix dependency in mix.exs:

rissem / app.js
Created Jan 5, 2017
html5/node.js video capture and upload
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/* global require */
const multipart = require('connect-multiparty')
const multipartMiddleware = multipart()
const path = require('path')
const os = require('os')
const fs = require('fs')
var express = require('express')
var app = express()
wmakley /
Last active Aug 10, 2019 — forked from silviorelli/gist:ad8e1d80bdc0245eb7e7
Install Ruby 1.8.7 on Mac OSX 10.12 Sierra with rbenv
# The main issues with Ruby 1.8.7 are that it won't build with Clang,
# and the Net::HTTPS module won't work with modern versions of OpenSSL.
# This assumes you have already set up homebrew, and run: xcode-select --install
brew install homebrew/dupes/apple-gcc42
brew install libyaml libffi
brew install
export CC=/usr/local/bin/gcc-4.2
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# from ounce of elixir
defmodule CartTest do
use ExUnit.Case
test "starts with empty count" do
assert Cart.count_items([]) == 0