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New languages

Language Requested by (SE username) Github/Repo Chat link
hyeo-ung @buttercrab
International Phonetic Esoteric Language @bigyihsuan
unknown language @sportzpikachu N/A
Symbolic Raku @JoKing
Wenyan @ShieruAsakoto
W @Third-party'Chef' N/A
Zpr'(h @JonathanFrech
Paradoc @Third-party'Chef'
Microscript-II @Third-party'Chef'
Laser @Quintec
arc @user41805
Gauche Scheme @user41805
MIT/GNU Scheme @user41805
Recurse @EdgyNerd
Levels @cairdcoinheringaahing
Poetic @JosiahRyanW
Smurf @EdgyNerd
1+ @HighlyRadioactive
MARS @petStorm
ARM @petStorm
J (901) @Bubbler and
Sage @flawr
Acrostic @JosiahRyanW
Idris 2 @SaraJ
Vyxal @Lyxal
dotcomma @SunnyMoon
NDBall @Aspwilenson
owlet @Nirvana
Rattle @DanielH.
Raku @ab5tract
Arn @ZippyMagician
Barrel @LorenDB
Pip 1 @DLosc
Dis @nrgmsbki4spot1
NLRNIS @Fmbalbuena
Quipu @alephalpha
Grok @AaroneousMiller
Hello Hell @AaroneousMiller
Nibbles @DarrenSmith
Noxan @BgilMidol

Update requests

Language Requested by (SE username) Chat link
Chapel @Brad
Keg @Lyxal and
Kotlin @snail_
MATL @LuisMendo
ngn/k @ngn
Funky2 @ATaco
Charcoal @ASCII-only
PCRE2 @Deadcode
Go @FlipTack
Rust @FrenchMasterSword
Perl 5 @Xcali
Elixir @pxeger
APL @Bubbler and
Beeswax @JoKing
05AB1E @Lyxal
Scala @user
R @qwr
Lean Mean Bean Machine @Skidsdev
PARI/GP @alephalpha
Julia @alphaalpha


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hyper-neutrino commented Jun 3, 2021

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dylanrenwick commented Oct 19, 2021

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