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Last active Oct 22, 2018
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Notify Sentry of a new release via Capistrano
# This task will notify Sentry via their API[1] that you have deployed
# a new release. It uses the release timestamp as the `version`
# (like 20151113182847) and the git ref as the optional `ref` value.
# This task requires several environment variables be set (or just
# hardcode the values in here if you like living on the edge):
# ENV['SENTRY_ORG'] : the organization for this app
# ENV['SENTRY_PROJECT'] : the project for this app
# ENV['SENTRY_API_KEY'] : your API key (not DSN) [2]
# [1]:
# [2]:
# For Rails app, this goes in config/deploy.rb
namespace :sentry do
task :notify_deployment do
run_locally do
require 'uri'
require 'net/https'
puts "Notifying Sentry of release..."
http =, uri.port)
http.use_ssl = true
req ="/api/0/projects/#{ENV['SENTRY_ORG']}/#{ENV['SENTRY_PROJECT']}/releases/", initheader={'Content-Type' =>'application/json'})
req.basic_auth(ENV['SENTRY_API_KEY'], '')
req.body = %Q[{"version":"#{fetch(:release_timestamp)}","ref":"#{fetch(:current_revision)}"}]
response = http.start { |h| h.request(req) }
puts "Sentry response: #{response.body}"
# If you want deployments to be published in every Rails environment, put this
# in config/deploy.rb, otherwise put it your environment-specific deploy file
# i.e. config/deploy/production.rb
after 'deploy:published', 'sentry:notify_deployment'
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pablopaul commented Aug 24, 2017

thanks @cannikin, a fork with auth token (instead of api key) can be found here

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