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View webdriverio-bs-ios-settimeouts-failing-debug.txt
npx wdio ./config/browserstack/wdio.ios.browser.conf.js --log-level debug
Execution of 1 spec files started at 2019-07-30T08:44:59.090Z
2019-07-30T08:44:59.093Z DEBUG @wdio/utils:initialiseServices: initialise wdio service "appium"
2019-07-30T08:44:59.104Z INFO @wdio/cli:Launcher: Run onPrepare hook
2019-07-30T08:44:59.105Z DEBUG @wdio/appium-service: Will spawn Appium process: appium
2019-07-30T08:45:02.598Z ERROR @wdio/appium-service: Appium exited before timeout (exit code: 2)
[HTTP] Could not start REST http interface listener. The requested port may already be in use. Please make sure there is no other instance of this server running already.
View webdriverio-bs-ios-settimeouts-failing.txt
npx wdio ./config/browserstack/wdio.ios.browser.conf.js
Execution of 1 spec files started at 2019-07-30T08:34:48.771Z
[0-0] RUNNING in safari - /tests/specs/browser.checkbox.spec.js
[0-0] Error in "undefined"
Error: Parameters were incorrect. We wanted {"required":["type","ms"]} and you sent ["implicit","pageLoad","script"]
[0-0] FAILED in safari - /tests/specs/browser.checkbox.spec.js
"spec" Reporter:
View bs-appium-191-msonwp-fallback.txt
2019-07-30 08:09:33:814 - [HTTP] --> POST /wd/hub/session {"desiredCapabilities":{"platformName":"iOS","deviceName":"iPhone X","browserName":"safari","appium:automationName":"XCUITest","bstack:options":{"deviceName":"iPhone X","realMobile":true},"acceptSslCert":false,"detected_language":"webdriver/5.11.5","browser":"iphone","browserstack.useW3C":"true","real_mobile":"true","browser_name":"safari","device":"iphone","browserstack.use_w3c":"true","browserstack.debug":"false","browserstack.tunnelIdentifier":"","platform":"MAC","os_version":"","browserstack.appiumLogs":"true","version":"","mobile":{"browser":"mobile","version":"iPhone X-11.4"},"orig_os":"ios","64bit":false,"":"true","":"true","proxy_type":"node","realMobile":"true","udid":"10b4ddc2057adff028ec5a4eaa8e2fb6f7f331fb","appium_port":8080,"automationName":"XCUITest","safariInitialUrl":"","webkitResponseTimeout":20000,"orientation":"PORTRAIT","deviceOrientat
pablopaul / codecept.conf.js
Last active November 26, 2018 14:21
CodeceptJS 1.4.6. Debug White Page Failure - To see the logged page source run your tests with "--verbose"
View codecept.conf.js
// Add the plugin to the CodeceptJS config
plugins: {
logPageSource: {
require: "./logPageSource",
enabled: true
pablopaul / testing-react-components.js
Last active April 18, 2018 23:34 — forked from peduarte/testing-react-components.txt
Fix "ReferenceError: document is not defined" in jsdom + enzyme + ava environment.
View testing-react-components.js
* Step 1
npm install --save-dev jsdom
* Step 2 (
* test-browser-env.js
pablopaul / deploy.rb
Last active February 5, 2019 19:19 — forked from cannikin/deploy.rb
Notify Sentry of a new release via Capistrano with Auth Token
View deploy.rb
# This task will notify Sentry via their API[1] that you have deployed
# a new release. It uses the release timestamp as the `version`
# (like 20151113182847) and the git ref as the optional `ref` value.
# This task requires several environment variables be set (or just
# hardcode the values in here if you like living on the edge):
# ENV['SENTRY_ORG'] : the organization for this app
# ENV['SENTRY_PROJECT'] : the project for this app
sudo npm install -g sloc
pablopaul / redux-store-unsubscribe.js
Created November 21, 2016 12:47
Redux Store Unsubscribe
View redux-store-unsubscribe.js
// Nothing is logged
pablopaul / redux-store-subscriber-demo.js
Created November 21, 2016 12:44
Redux Store Subscriber Demo
View redux-store-subscriber-demo.js
// Logs 'x'
// Logs 'xy'
// `removeCharacter` is an action creator wrapping the `BACKSPACE` action
// Logs 'x'
// Logs ''