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list of cool missing indian datasets
Too many, so here's a list:
1. Indic books in public domain.
2. An updated shapefile of Indian PINcodes.
3. Updated version of the Indian PINs (the official one at is outdated)
4. MCA directors (DINs), company PANs in a graph dataset
5. SWIFT codes of all bank branches in India against their IFSC (I'm working on this!)
6. A public copy of the Vahan database that our government sold
7. List of all blocked domains in India along with the court order that blocked them
8. Database of all CCTVs in India along with latlong
9. Well known trademarks in India.
10. Database of verified email/phone numbers for reaching out to support teams in Indian businesses
11. List of companies that have been struck off from MCA against their CIN
13. Defaulter list of companies from MCA. Also dormant companies
14. All BBPS agents
15. List of projects named after politicians
16. Potholes in bangalore
17. Lots of datasets to be done around transit systems
18. All Indian Rail timeline
19. ATM latlong across India
20. Traffic signals in Bangalore and their timings (Red30,Yellow10,Green30)
These are just the top of my head, can come up with lots more...
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