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Creating a Youtube Widget
import React from 'react'
function ytId(url){
var matchYt = /^(http(s)?:\/\/)?((w){3}\.)?youtu(be\.com\/watch\?v=|\.be\/)(\w+)$/
var parts = matchYt.exec(url)
return parts && parts[parts.length-1]
class YoutubeWidget extends React.Component {
static title = "Youtube";
static match(value, ast){
return value
&& typeof value == 'string'
&& ytId(value)
return <iframe style={{border: 0}} src={""+ytId(this.props.value)} />
export function __unload(){ ///This cleans everything up so we can run this cell multiple times.
var index = doc.kernel.widgets.indexOf(YoutubeWidget)
doc.kernel.widgets.splice(index, 1)
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