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Output de text to copy to .travis.yml for the splitted secured ssh private key
base64 --wrap=0 ~/.ssh/id_rsa_travis > ~/.ssh/id_rsa_travis_64
cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa_travis_64 | perl -pe 's/(.{100})/$1\n/g' | nl | perl -pe 's/\s*(\d+)\s*(.*)/echo " - secure: `travis encrypt ID_RSA_TRAVIS_$1=$2 --pro`"/' | sh
# - secure: "...="
# - secure: "...="
# - secure: "...="
# ...
# - secure: "...="

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koppor commented Mar 29, 2017

For public repos, the --pro has to be removed. Then, it works like a charm! For the googlers hitting this gist: The upload functionality is described at

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