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Created December 9, 2012 00:24
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squeezing private SSH key into .travis.yml file
Tricks to add encrypted private SSH key to .travis.yml file
To encrypt the private SSH key into the "-secure: xxxxx....." lines to place in the .travis.yml file, generate a deploy key then run: (to see what the encrypted data looks like, see an example here:
base64 --wrap=0 ~/.ssh/id_rsa > ~/.ssh/id_rsa_base64
ENCRYPTION_FILTER="echo \$(echo \"-\")\$(travis encrypt veewee-community/veewee-push \"\$FILE='\`cat $FILE\`'\" | grep secure:)"
split --bytes=100 --numeric-suffixes --suffix-length=2 --filter="$ENCRYPTION_FILTER" ~/.ssh/id_rsa_base64 id_rsa_
Ha! it takes 30 lines to squeeze it all in.
To reconstitute the private SSH key once running inside Travis: (see example use here:
- echo -n $id_rsa_{00..30} >> ~/.ssh/id_rsa_base64
- base64 --decode --ignore-garbage ~/.ssh/id_rsa_base64 > ~/.ssh/id_rsa
- chmod 600 ~/.ssh/id_rsa
- echo -e "Host\n\tStrictHostKeyChecking no\n" >> ~/.ssh/config
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brilliant! thank you

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exactly what i was looking for, thanks a lot! :)

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+1 thanks alot :)

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This is excellent!
It required some significant modification for use on the mac. split, for example, has different options. I created a mac version:

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koter84 commented May 19, 2014

Thanks for sharing this code!

The OS X version on doesn't understand that {00..30} should give 00 01 02..etc and just returns 0 1 2..etc
so the first 10 variables won't get printed to the file, and the key (obviously) doesn't work...

i solved it with a small for-loop combined with printf, also my version works the same on the linux and osx workers

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letmaik commented Dec 28, 2014

The travis CLI changed a little, has to be travis encrypt -r me/repo now, note the -r.

EDIT: Just noticed that travis now has the ability to encrypt files directly. (see travis encrypt-file)

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Why not encrypt the private key file with 'travis encrypt' and store it as a travis environment variable?

Encryption and conversion code

travis encrypt-file ./id_rsa -r xxxx/xxxxxx
travis env set DEPLOY_KEY_ENC `base64 -i ./id_rsa.enc | tr -d '\n'` --private -r xxxx/xxxxxx

Decryption code in .travis.yml

echo $DEPLOY_KEY_ENC | base64 --decode | openssl aes-256-cbc -K $encrypted_xxxxxxxxxxxx_key -iv $encrypted_xxxxxxxxxxxx_iv -out ~/.ssh/id_rsa -d

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