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Created August 13, 2013 13:11
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Mercury Mail Tip
Mercury Mail tip:
To use Gmail or your ISP's email server with mercury mail, you need to
configure your mercury.ini's MercuryC section as shown below.
Note that the "Host:", "Server_Port" "SMTP_Username" and "SMTP_Password"
need to be correct for YOUR SPECIFIC email provider or ISP. You can usually
find this information in your ISP's support pages under "mail client setup".
Also note that 'path\to\' below indicates the path to YOUR MercuryMail setup.
Host :
Failfile : path\to\MercuryMail\MERCURY\failure.mer
Poll : 30
Scratch : path\to\MercuryMail\SCRATCH
ReturnLines : 15
Timeout : 300
Server_Port : 587
SMTP_Password: password-for-this-user
SMTP_ConnFlags : 4
POP3_Auth : 0
Logfile : path\to\MercuryMail\LOGS\MERCURYC\~y-~m-~d.log
Log_Verbose : 1
Session_logging : path\to\MercuryMail\SESSIONS\MERCURYC
Session_logmode : 1
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