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import repomd
def count(name, rpms_repo_url, srpms_repo_url):
rpm_count = len(repomd.load(rpms_repo_url))
srpm_count = len(repomd.load(srpms_repo_url))
print(f'{name}: {rpm_count:7,} RPMs {srpm_count:6,} SRPMs')
import repomd
def count(baseurl):
r = repomd.load(baseurl)
print(f'{len(r)} - {baseurl}')
carlwgeorge /
Created May 9, 2022 16:52
buildah script to create pandoc cli container
set -eu
buildah unshare << EOF
set -eu
ctr=\$(buildah from scratch)
mnt=\$(buildah mount \$ctr)
dnf \
--releasever 35 \
--disablerepo '*' \
--enablerepo fedora,updates \
carlwgeorge /
Created November 23, 2021 17:43
script to compare the real EPEL repositories to Oracle's EPEL repositories
import repomd
epol7_repo = repomd.load('')
epel7_repo = repomd.load('')
epol8_repo = repomd.load('')
epel8_repo = repomd.load('')
epel7_names = { for p in epel7_repo if not p.arch == 'src'}
import asyncio
import pathlib
import textwrap
import bs4
import httpx
import rfc3986
- hosts: all
user: carl
uid: 1000
become: true
- name: install syncthing
name: syncthing
import click
import koji
import koji_cli.lib
import rpm
# parse elements of nvr
[[ -n "$release" ]] || fail "error parsing release from $nvr"
[[ -n "$nv" ]] || fail "error parsing name-version from $nvr"
[[ -n "$version" ]] || fail "error parsing version from $nv"
import re
import click
import koji
import requests
KEYID = '8483c65d'
import koji
import koji_cli.lib
profile = ''
scmurl = ''
build_target = ''
profile_module = koji.get_profile_module(profile)
session = profile_module.ClientSession(profile_module.config.server)