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Getting code_swarm to work
#~/Code/shifts is a github project I've been working on
## Complete prerequisites on
## Clone the repo, patch it
cd ~/Code
git clone git://
# one commit was giving me trouble, and I don't know how to pull request a better solution
git revert f15334b
## Setup code_swarm command = add code_swarm to .bashrc
export PATH=$PATH:/Users/caseywatts/Code/code_swarm/bin
# Open a new terminal window to get the changes to .bashrc
## go to the directory of an existing project and run code_swarm
cd ~/Code/shifts
## Cancel it or wait until the end
## Edit the .config (in the projects folder) so that it will record images
mvim .code_swarm/project.config
## run it again
cd ~/Code/shifts
#to create the video
cd /Users/caseywatts/Code/code_swarm/code_swarm_frames
ffmpeg -f image2 -r 24 -i %05d.png -sameq ./ -pass 2
#Before making the next video, you have to delete the frames from code_swarm_frames

caseywatts commented Mar 24, 2015

Just tried this again, here's what it took lol

  • I didn't have to revert that commit this time
  • when I ran code_swarm it couldn't find _CGContextSetAllowsAcceleration
    • I had to update my system java from but that didn't work (where did it install to??)
    • I updated from Apple's site
  • then I got the error [Fatal Error] log.xml:1:1: Premature end of file.
    • I solved this by deleting the .code_swarm/log.xml from the directory I was in.
  • then I got the error Exception in thread "Animation Thread" java.lang.IllegalAccessError: tried to access field processing.core.PFont.size from class code_swarm which seems to come from
    • solved by going back to commit 70867b3a
  • did the snapshots=true change and voilá!

caseywatts commented Mar 24, 2015

Put these errors and solutions into github issues so it might help other people! Now you can search the repo for these errors if/when they happen to see a solution.


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