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A replacement for Sitecore's Development.ps1 Docker entrypoint script that does not blow up if you do not volume mount C:\deploy
[Parameter(Mandatory = $false)]
# Setup
$ErrorActionPreference = "Stop"
$InformationPreference = "Continue"
$timeFormat = "HH:mm:ss:fff"
# Print start message
Write-Host "$(Get-Date -Format $timeFormat): Development ENTRYPOINT: starting..."
# Check to see if we should start the Watch-Directory.ps1 script
$watchDirectoryJobName = "Watch-Directory.ps1"
$useWatchDirectory = $null -ne $WatchDirectoryParameters -bor (Test-Path -Path "C:\deploy" -PathType "Container") -eq $true
if ($useWatchDirectory)
# Setup default parameters if none is supplied
if ($null -eq $WatchDirectoryParameters)
$WatchDirectoryParameters = @{ Path = "C:\deploy"; Destination = "C:\inetpub\wwwroot"; }
Write-Host "$(Get-Date -Format $timeFormat): Development ENTRYPOINT: '$watchDirectoryJobName' validating..."
# First a trial-run to catch any parameter validation / setup errors
$WatchDirectoryParameters["WhatIf"] = $true
& "C:\tools\scripts\Watch-Directory.ps1" @WatchDirectoryParameters
$WatchDirectoryParameters["WhatIf"] = $false
Write-Host "$(Get-Date -Format $timeFormat): Development ENTRYPOINT: '$watchDirectoryJobName' starting..."
# Start Watch-Directory.ps1 in background
Start-Job -Name $watchDirectoryJobName -ArgumentList $WatchDirectoryParameters -ScriptBlock {
& "C:\tools\scripts\Watch-Directory.ps1" @params
} | Out-Null
Write-Host "$(Get-Date -Format $timeFormat): Development ENTRYPOINT: '$watchDirectoryJobName' started."
$WatchDirectoryParameters = @{ Destination = "C:\inetpub\wwwroot"; }
Write-Host "$(Get-Date -Format $timeFormat): Development ENTRYPOINT: Skipping start of '$watchDirectoryJobName'. To enable you should mount a directory into 'C:\deploy'."
# Apply any patch folders configured in SITECORE_DEVELOPMENT_PATCHES
Write-Host "$(Get-Date -Format $timeFormat): Applying SITECORE_DEVELOPMENT_PATCHES..."
Push-Location C:\tools
try {
. .\scripts\Get-PatchFolders.ps1
Get-PatchFolders -Path dev-patches | ForEach-Object {
Write-Host "$(Get-Date -Format $timeFormat): Applying development patches from $($_.Name)"
& .\scripts\Invoke-XdtTransform.ps1 -XdtPath $_.FullName -Path $WatchDirectoryParameters.Destination
& .\scripts\Install-ConfigurationFolder.ps1 -PatchPath $_.FullName -Path $WatchDirectoryParameters.Destination
} finally {
# Print ready message
Write-Host "$(Get-Date -Format $timeFormat): Development ENTRYPOINT: ready!"
& "C:\LogMonitor\LogMonitor.exe" "powershell" "C:\Run-W3SVCService.ps1"
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