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Install check_mk agent on OSX
# Clone Repo
git clone
cd Check_MK
# Remove less common plugins
rm -f agents/plugins/monitor-jss-and-macos-updates agents/plugins/city-temperatures agents/plugins/monitor-kerio agents/plugins/smart*
# Install dependencies
brew install smartmontools osx-cpu-temp
# Modify the plist file (remove cwd)
sed -i '' '/<key>WorkingDirectory/{N;d;}' LaunchDaemon/de.mathias-kettner.check_mk.plist
# Create directories needed and copy files to required location
mkdir /usr/local/lib/check_mk_agent
mkdir /usr/local/lib/check_mk_agent/local
cp agents/check_mk_agent.macosx /usr/local/lib/check_mk_agent/
cp -r agents/plugins/ /usr/local/lib/check_mk_agent/
sudo cp LaunchDaemon/de.mathias-kettner.check_mk.plist /Library/LaunchDaemons/
ln -s /usr/local/lib/check_mk_agent/check_mk_agent.macosx /usr/local/bin/check_mk_agent
mkdir /etc/check_mk
sudo touch /var/run/de.arts-others.softwareupdatecheck
sudo touch /var/log/check_mk.err
# Permissions
chmod +x /usr/local/lib/check_mk_agent/check_mk_agent.macosx
sudo chmod o+rw /var/run/de.arts-others.softwareupdatecheck
sudo chmod 666 /var/log/check_mk.err
sudo chown -R root:admin /usr/local/lib/check_mk_agent
sudo chmod 644 /Library/LaunchDaemons/de.mathias-kettner.check_mk.plist
# Install LaunchDaemon
sudo launchctl load -w /Library/LaunchDaemons/de.mathias-kettner.check_mk.plist
# Once lnx_if fix is merged into the agent, the below is required (see:
brew install iproute2mac
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I couldn't find instructions anywhere for how to install CMK agent onto a OSX machine. Above is what finally got things to work for me

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Hi, thank you very much for this script. It helped me a lot !


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Thank you for your efforts.
I could setup macOS agent for checkmk and it looks to be running fine.

Mac mini 2018
macOS Ventura Version 13.1

PS. It faild at 'mkdir /etc/check_mk'.
I created it manually after the script had ran.


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