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Chris Taylor catid

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catid / gist:f84ab44cff9c2be97ebb0d811418a8b6
Last active May 18, 2021
Weird compile error on ARM:
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Unhandled exception: Error: Output "output" requires type float32 but was defined as type float32x12793.
const int expected_width = 640;
const int expected_height = 512;
static Func blur_x("blur_x"), blur_y("blur_y"), blur2_x("blur2_x");
static Func input_float("input_float");
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Snake with cubes!
Discrete curvy snakes!
Energy level shoot shots.
Chopped off at energy level.
Head of snake is a free shot (no energy).
View OnePlus 8 PRO 5G Dual SIM 12GB+256GB GSM Unlocked
2021-03-30 19:01:04.068 23980-10184/com.example.cameratest I/CameraTest: [19:01:04 -07:00] [I] StartCameras
2021-03-30 19:01:04.070 23980-10184/com.example.cameratest I/CameraTest: [19:01:04 -07:00] [I] Camera count: 2
2021-03-30 19:01:04.070 23980-10184/com.example.cameratest I/CameraTest: [19:01:04 -07:00] [I] * Camera: 0
2021-03-30 19:01:04.071 23980-10184/com.example.cameratest I/CameraTest: [19:01:04 -07:00] [I] ** Camera metadata contains 133 tags:
2021-03-30 19:01:04.071 23980-10184/com.example.cameratest I/CameraTest: [19:01:04 -07:00] [I] *** "Color Correction Available Aberration Modes" x3 = [ Off, Fast, High Quality ] -- from ACAMERA_COLOR_CORRECTION : ACAMERA_COLOR_CORRECTION_AVAILABLE_ABERRATION_MODES#4 t=Byte
2021-03-30 19:01:04.071 23980-10184/com.example.cameratest I/CameraTest: [19:01:04 -07:00] [I] *** "Ae Available Antibanding Modes" x4 = [ Off, 50 Hz, 60 Hz, Auto ] -- from ACAMERA_CONTROL : ACAMERA_CONTROL_AE_AVAILABLE_ANTIBANDING_MODES#65554 t=Byte
2021-03-30 19:01:04.071 23980-10184/co

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catid / gist:ee02d5f914e91de7df9f986f757e2e11
Last active Dec 5, 2019
Papers on real-time 3D reconstruction in order of general excitement
View gist:ee02d5f914e91de7df9f986f757e2e11
Holoportation: Virtual 3D Teleportation in Real-time
Microsoft Research
KinectFusion: Real-Time Dense Surface Mapping and Tracking
Microsoft Research
FusionMLS: Highly dynamic 3D reconstruction with consumergrade RGB-D cameras
Siim Meerits
catid / dual_rotation.cpp
Created Nov 17, 2019
Snippet to rotate around a globe in two axes
View dual_rotation.cpp
This solves the issue where rotating on one axis and then by another causes
the second rotation to get distorted. Instead the rotation on both axes are
performed at once.
+yaw (radians) rotates the camera clockwise.
+pitch (radians) rotates the camera so it is looking slant-downward.
catid / gist:a8db10a6f41bbda14670dd2559139e53
Last active Nov 4, 2019
How to correct tilt of Azure Kinect DK based on IMU samples
View gist:a8db10a6f41bbda14670dd2559139e53
// Accelerometer frame: (x, y, z) = (+forward, +right, +up)
// Pointcloud frame: (x, y, z) = (+right, +up, +forward)
Eigen::Quaternionf q;
Eigen::Vector3f(accel[1], accel[2], accel[0]),
Eigen::Vector3f(0.f, -1.f, 0.f));
Eigen::Matrix3f TiltR = q.toRotationMatrix();
// Then just multiply the pointcloud by this rotation matrix to get the corrected positions.
View Pipeline_example.cpp
// DecodePipelineData
using DecodePipelineCallback = std::function<void(std::shared_ptr<DecodedFrame>)>;
struct DecodePipelineData
// Inputs
DecodePipelineCallback Callback;
std::shared_ptr<FrameInfo> Input;
View core_logging.cpp
static void AtExitWrapper()
void SetupAsyncDiskLog(const std::string& filename)
spdlog::init_thread_pool(8192, 1);
auto stdout_sink = std::make_shared<spdlog::sinks::stdout_color_sink_mt>();
catid / Xrcap.cs
Created Oct 6, 2019
Xrcap with some helpers
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/** \file
\brief Xrcap C# SDK
\copyright Copyright (c) 2017 Christopher A. Taylor. All rights reserved.
Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:
* Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice,
this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.
* Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright notice,