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peterc / Caddyfile
Last active August 27, 2023 02:29
Caddyfile for running Mastodon – November 2022 edition
View Caddyfile {
@local {
not path /
log {
output file /var/log/caddy/mastodon.log
flayman /
Last active March 6, 2023 06:23
Step-by-step instructions for building xEdit in RAD Studio 10.4 Community Edition

Step-by-step instructions for building xEdit in RAD Studio 10.4 Community Edition

There is a message pinned to the #dev_support channel where ElminsterAU described the steps for building xEdit in the Community Edition of the Delphi RAD Studio IDE. With the release of version 10.4 of that IDE, these instructions have been superseded. I'm giving below my steps to get this project group to build. I would like to thank ElminsterAU for working with me to fix a couple problems in the codebase that were preventing it from building or running correctly. I will describe those too.

Step One: Install RAD Studio

This is not hard. Either log in on this page or click the link that reads "Register Here" to fill out a form. Then satisfy the captcha and click the button that reads "DOWNLOAD NOW" to begin the download of the latest version. You will also be sent by email a license key which needs to be provided during install. The install should be sel

gustavomdsantos / AutoHotKey script - Always-on-top.ahk
Last active September 18, 2023 17:53
AutoHotKey script that make any window Always-on-Top on Windows.
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; Press Ctrl+Shift+Space to set any currently active window to be always on top.
; Press Ctrl+Shift+Space again set the window to no longer be always on top.
; Source:
WinGetTitle, activeWindow, A
if IsWindowAlwaysOnTop(activeWindow) {
notificationMessage := "The window """ . activeWindow . """ is now always on top."
notificationIcon := 16 + 1 ; No notification sound (16) + Info icon (1)
airstruck / alea.lua
Last active August 5, 2020 05:57
A LuaJIT port of Johannes Baagøe's Alea
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-- A Lua port of Johannes Baagøe's Alea
-- From
-- Johannes Baagøe <>, 2010
-- Mirrored at:
local floor = math.floor