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Last active Aug 20, 2020
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Janet Exercism: Implement map

Blog 2020/8/5

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Janet Exercism: Implement map

Here are Janet solutions (recursive and iterative) to the exercism "implement map without using map" problem.

For some reason, the exercism folks call this problem "accumulate".

test-all: mymap-iter mymap-recur mymap-iter.janet mymap-recur.janet
chmod +x mymap-recur.janet mymap-iter.janet
mymap-iter: mymap-iter.janet
jpm quickbin mymap-iter.janet mymap-iter
mymap-recur: mymap-recur.janet
jpm quickbin mymap-recur.janet mymap-recur
rm -f mymap-recur mymap-iter mymap-recur.c mymap-iter.c
.PHONY: clean test-all
#!/usr/bin/env janet
(defn mymap-iter [f arr]
(var arr2 @[])
(each x arr
(array/push arr2 (f x)))
(defn square [x]
(* x x))
(defn main [& args]
(pp (mymap-iter square [1 2 3]))
(pp (mymap-iter square [])))
#!/usr/bin/env janet
# conceptually, what we want is this:
# (defn mymap [f arr]
# (join (f (head arr)) (mymap f (tail arr))))
(defn mymap-recur [f arr]
(if (= 0 (length arr))
(tuple (f (first arr)) (splice (mymap-recur f (slice arr 1))))))
(defn square [x]
(* x x))
(defn main [& args]
(pp (mymap-recur square [1 2 3]))
(pp (mymap-recur square [])))
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andrewchambers commented Aug 6, 2020

Recursion with an index, some sort of middle ground.

(defn map-into [f a ind &opt from]
  (default from 0)
  (if (>= from (length ind))
      (array/push a (f (in ind from)))
      (map-into f a ind (inc from)))))

(defn map [f ind]
  (map-into f @[] ind))

(pp (map inc [1 2 3]))

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cellularmitosis commented Aug 6, 2020

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