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Installing pdftk on macOS

Blog 2019/11/26

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Installing pdftk on macOS

For whatever reason, pdftk (installed using pdftk_server-2.02-mac_osx-10.6-setup.pkg) seems to hang on recent versions of macOS.

The solution was to use this installer instead: pdftk_server-2.02-mac_osx-10.11-setup.pkg

This was linked from a Stack Overflow answer from Sid Steward of PDF Labs.

Quote: "I will update our PDF Labs site soon to reflect this update".

Considering that the above quote is from four years ago, I'm not holding my breath 😤

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KngZhi commented Dec 14, 2020

This works, thank you so much.

It solved my problem that "bad CPU type in executable: pdftk".

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MellowPhi commented May 4, 2021

Yeap this worked for me too. Thanks

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