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Last active Mar 7, 2021
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eBay Universal EFI Fuel Pump

Blog 2021/2/28

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eBay Universal EFI Fuel Pump

The most popular universal EFI fuel pumps on eBay all have identical cases and fittings.

It appears these are all the same pump with different paint jobs and brand marketing.

Screen Shot 2021-02-28 at 1 19 49 AM

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I purchased one of these for a DIY EFI project. The specific pump I ordered was the "MOSTPLUS" listing, for $27:

The eBay listing includes this technical data:

  • Inline High Pressure Fuel Pump
  • Universal external in line fuel pump. Does not need to be mounted inside the tank.
  • Use this pump for turbo/non turbo gas fuel injection systems up to 250bhp.
  • Interchange Part Number: 0580453911 0580463017 0580464023 0580463010 0580464008 0580464032 0580463011 0580464013 0580464033 0580463012 0580464014 0580464038 0580463013 0580464015 0580464048 0580463014 0580464016 0580464050 0580463015 0580464019 0580464051 0580463016 0580464020 0580464055 0580464056 0580464070 0580810046
  • Inlet - 1/2" (12mm) push on
  • Outlet – 1/4" (8mm) push on
  • Flow rate - 135ltr/hr @ 3bar (35 gal/hr @ 45 psi)
  • Max pressure - 8.5bar (125 psi)

My Data

Here are some of my own measurements.

DC resistance

Subtracting out the resistance of my leads, my multimeter (UNI-T UT61E) shows this pump at about 5 Ohms DC resistance.

This implies a stall current of about 2.4 Amps 12 Volts (or about 2.75A at 13.8V) subsequent testing shows the pump behaves more like a 1 Ohm resistor while running.



The narrow part (past the barb) of the outlet (the end near the electrical connectors) measures between 8.2 and 8.4mm, depending upon where the measurement is taken.

The widest part of the barb of the outlet measures between 9.1 and 9.3mm, depending upon where the measurement is taken.

The barb portion of the outlet is about 8mm in length, and the portion past the barb is about 10mm in length.


The narrow part of the inlet measures very consistently at 11.9mm, and the widest part of the barb measures about 13.3mm.

The inlet measures about 22mm overall in length. The portion past the barb measures just under 16mm in length.


The case of the pump measures a 52mm in diameter. The barb on the case measures just under 54mm in diameter. The longest flat part of the casing (where you would attach holding clamps) is about 8.4cm in length.

The 52mm-diameter portion of the case is about 11.5cm in length. The overall length of the pump (including inlet and outlet spigots) is about 17.7cm.


The positive terminal appears to be a 4mm stud and the negative terminal appears to be a 5mm stud.

Note: I have not confirmed this using store-bought nuts. The major thread diameters measure about 3.8 and 4.8mm, and the nuts measure 6.9 and 7.8mm across the flats, so 4 and 5mm are the most reasonable guesses.

The studs are spaced about 34mm apart, center-to-center.

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