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MIT 6.001 (1986) SICP Lecture Segments

Blog 2020/7/26

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MIT 6.001 (1986) SICP Lecture Segments


Here are YouTube links to each "segment" of the 1986 MIT 6.001 Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs lectures from Harold Abelson and Gerald Jay Sussman.

See also:

Lecture 1A: Overview: Introduction to Lisp

Lecture 1B: Procedures and Processes: Substitution Model

Lecture 2A: Higher-order Procedures

Lecture 2B: Compound Data

Lecture 3A: Henderson Escher Example

Lecture 3B: Symbolic Differentiation: Quotation

Lecture 4A: Pattern-matching: Rule-based Substitution

Lecture 4B: Generic Operations

Lecture 5A: Assignment, State and Side-effects

Lecture 5B: Computational Objects

Lecture 6A: Streams I

Lecture 6B: Streams II

Lecture 7A: Metacircular Evaluator I

Lecture 7B: Metacircular Evaluator II

Lecture 8A: Logic Programming I

Lecture 8B: Logic Programming II

Lecture 9A: Register Machines

Lecture 9B: Explicit-control Evaluator

Lecture 10A: Compilation

Lecture 10B: Storage Allocation and Garbage Collection

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cellularmitosis commented Jul 27, 2020

There is currently a study group organized on reddit:

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