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Last active Jun 26, 2020
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A Pomodoro timer for the macOS terminal

Blog 2020/6/23

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A Pomodoro timer for the macOS terminal

Here is a simple Pomodoro timer for the Mac command line.

When time is up, your Mac speaks the phrase "Hey Pomodoro, time's up!".


# A Pomodoro timer for the macOS terminal.

set -e

if test -z "$1"
    echo "Usage: $( basename $0 ) <duration in minutes>" >&2
    exit 1


echo "Starting a Pomodoro timer of $minutes minutes."

while test $i -lt $minutes
    sleep 60
    i=$(( $i + 1))
    echo $i minutes elapsed

echo "Hey Pomodoro, time's up!"
say "hey pomodoro, times up"

Console output:

$ 45
Starting a Pomodoro timer of 45 minutes.
1 minutes elapsed
2 minutes elapsed
3 minutes elapsed
43 minutes elapsed
44 minutes elapsed
45 minutes elapsed
Hey Pomodoro, time's up!
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