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cemerson / 7zip_AllFiles_Seperate_Zips.txt
Created Oct 19, 2020
Create seperate zip from every file in folder
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FOR %i IN (*.*) DO "C:\Program Files (x86)\7-Zip\7z.exe" a "" "%i"
cemerson / salesforce-clear-or-abort-running-tests.js
Last active Sep 30, 2020
SFDC: Clear running or stuck Apex Tests
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/* Use if/when you have tests that are stuck in the middle or running
(sometimes this can happen and you can't actually see/confirm it -
in which case running this will clear everything out) */
List<ApexTestQueueItem> atqi_list = [select id, status from apextestqueueitem where status NOT IN ('Completed', 'Failed', 'Aborted')];
for(ApexTestQueueItem atqi : atqi_list)
atqi.status = 'Aborted';
update atqi_list;
cemerson / tsql_get_all_table_rowcounts.sql
Created Sep 2, 2020
TSQL get all database rowcounts
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table_name varchar(255),
row_count int
EXEC sp_MSForEachTable @command1='INSERT #counts (table_name, row_count) SELECT ''?'', COUNT(*) FROM ?'
SELECT table_name, row_count FROM #counts ORDER BY row_count DESC
DROP TABLE #counts
cemerson / vs2019-ctrl-r-errorLog.txt
Last active Aug 10, 2020
View vs2019-ctrl-r-errorLog.txt
2848 ERROR System.InvalidOperationException:
System.InvalidOperationException: Unexpected false at Roslyn.Utilities.Contract.Fail(String message) at Roslyn.Utilities.Contract.ThrowIfFalse(Boolean condition) at Microsoft.VisualStudio.LanguageServices.Implementation.InlineRename.VisualStudioInlineRenameUndoManagerServiceFactory.InlineRenameUndoManager.CreateStartRenameUndoTransaction(Workspace workspace, ITextBuffer subjectBuffer, InlineRenameSession inlineRenameSession) at Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.Editor.Implementation.InlineRename.InlineRenameSession.OpenTextBufferManager..ctor(InlineRenameSession session, ITextBuffer subjectBuffer, Workspace workspace, ITextBufferFactoryService textBufferFactoryService) at Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.Editor.Implementation.InlineRename.InlineRenameSession.TryPopulateOpenTextBufferManagerForBuffer(ITextBuffer buffer) at Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.Editor.Im
cemerson /
Last active Jul 30, 2020
Helpful FFMPEG commands

Helpful FFMPEG commands

Combine Image and MP3 into a new MP4


ffmpeg -loop 1 -i image.jpg -i audio.mp3 -c:v libx264 -c:a aac -strict experimental -b:a 192k -shortest output.mp4

V2 (alt?):

cemerson /
Created Jan 29, 2020
GIT: push branch to master remote

// git checkout master git pull # to update the state to the latest remote master state git merge develop # to bring changes to local master from your develop branch git push origin master # push current HEAD to remote master branch

cemerson / TSQL-Get DB rowcount and filesize.sql
Created Oct 10, 2019
TSQL: Query to get row count and KB/MB file space usage of SQL database
View TSQL-Get DB rowcount and filesize.sql
t.NAME AS TableName,
s.Name AS SchemaName,
p.rows AS RowCounts,
SUM(a.total_pages) * 8 AS TotalSpaceKB,
CAST(ROUND(((SUM(a.total_pages) * 8) / 1024.00), 2) AS NUMERIC(36, 2)) AS TotalSpaceMB,
SUM(a.used_pages) * 8 AS UsedSpaceKB,
CAST(ROUND(((SUM(a.used_pages) * 8) / 1024.00), 2) AS NUMERIC(36, 2)) AS UsedSpaceMB,
(SUM(a.total_pages) - SUM(a.used_pages)) * 8 AS UnusedSpaceKB,
cemerson /
Last active Sep 17, 2019
Copy Adblock Plus settings to another machine

Copying Adblock Plus settings from one Chrome browser to another

Steps below are for Dissenter so replace \GabAI\Dissenter\ below with \Google\Chrome\ if you use their version of Chrome.

  1. Close your browser on the TARGET machine
  2. (Backup if you want then) Delete contents of this folder on the TARGET machine: C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Local\GabAI\Dissenter\User Data\Default\Local Extension Settings\cfhdojbkjhnklbpkdaibdccddilifddb
  3. Copy the files from the same folder above on the SOURCE machine and copy them into the folder you just emptied in step #2 above
  4. Start your browser on the TARGET machine and test your Adblock Plus settings. With any luck, like me, your Adblock Plus settings/filters will have been copied over!
View sso-metadata-file-example.xml
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?><EntityDescriptor entityID="" xmlns="urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:metadata"><SPSSODescriptor AuthnRequestsSigned="false" WantAssertionsSigned="true" protocolSupportEnumeration="urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:protocol"><NameIDFormat>urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.1:nameid-format:unspecified</NameIDFormat><AssertionConsumerService index="0" isDefault="true" Binding="urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:bindings:HTTP-POST" Location=""/></SPSSODescriptor></EntityDescriptor>
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