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(require '[ccw.util.e4 :as e4])
;; e is anything that can reach an IEclipseContext. Extend protocol e4/HasContext
;; to your type:
;(defprotocol HasContext
; "Protocol for retrieving the associated IEclipseContext for objects
; for which this makes sense."
; (-context [o] "Return the context for o, or nil"))
(def cmd-id "hello-6")
; create a Command model object
(def command (e4/make-command
{:element-id cmd-id
:name "Run Generic Leiningen task"
:category "org.eclipse.ui.category.window"}))
; add the command to the Application model
(e4/add-command e command)
; create a Handler model object
; e4/make-handler takes care of resolving cmd-id into the application command
; object (the command must have been added to the application model first)
; contribution-URI protocol has been extended to clojure via the org.eclipse.languages extension point
(def handler (e4/make-handler
{:command cmd-id
:contribution-URI "bundleclass://ccw.core/clojure/ccw.leiningen.generic-launcher/prompt"}))
; add the handler to the Application model
(e4/add-handler e handler)
; execute the command
(e4/execute-command e cmd-id)
;; Rough ideas of ways to create Application model additions declaratively
;; here we declare additional parts of the model only
{:app {:commands [{:element-id cmd-id
:name "Run Generic Leiningen task"
:category "org.eclipse.ui.category.window"}]
:handlers [{:command cmd-id
:contribution-URI "bundleclass://ccw.core/clojure/ccw.leiningen.generic-launcher/prompt"}]}}
;; here an idea to handle additions or deletions
{:app {:commands {:+ [{:element-id cmd-id
:name "Run Generic Leiningen task"
:category "org.eclipse.ui.category.window"}]}
:handlers {:+ [{:command cmd-id
:contribution-URI "bundleclass://ccw.core/clojure/ccw.leiningen.generic-launcher/prompt"}]}}}
;; proposal to remove eclipse-linguo when you don't need/want it:
{:app [; declare a command
{:cmd cmd-id
:name "Run Generic Leiningen task"
:category "org.eclipse.ui.category.window"}
; declare a handler
{:cmd cmd-id
:contribution-URI "bundleclass://ccw.core/clojure/ccw.leiningen.generic-launcher/prompt"}
; do both at once
{:cmd cmd-id ; optional, when optional you can retrieve it from the return value of add...
:name "Run Generic Leiningen task"
:category "org.eclipse.ui.category.window"
:contribution-URI "bundleclass://ccw.core/clojure/ccw.leiningen.generic-launcher/prompt"}])
;; TODO: create a higher-level functions using make-xxx/add-xxx that do either
;; add or update according on the identifiers
;; TODO: low-level functions to remove things from the model
;; TODO: higher-level functions to "cleanup" the model after messings from the
;; REPL : idea = use the ability to Tag the model elements: tag them with
;; ccw.util.e4 for instance
;; TODO: use ASM to generate Behavioral / Dependency Injection classes on the fly
;; TODO: experiment with creating Parts / Views as well, leveraging all the above
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