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MySQL Cheat Sheet

Help with SQL commands to interact with a MySQL database

MySQL Locations

  • Mac /usr/local/mysql/bin
  • Windows /Program Files/MySQL/MySQL version/bin
  • Xampp /xampp/mysql/bin

Add mysql to your PATH

chaohuang /
Last active August 11, 2019 13:01
Keras warm restart callback for optimizers with decoupled weight decay (SGDWR, AdamWR)
from collections import defaultdict
from keras.callbacks import Callback
class WRWDScheduler(Callback):
"""Warm restart scheduler for optimizers with decoupled weight decay
This Keras callback should be used with TensorFlow optimizers
with decoupled weight decay, such as tf.contrib.opt.AdamWOptimizer
or tf.contrib.opt.MomentumWOptimizer. Warm restarts include
cosine annealing with periodic restarts for both learning rate