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app.intent('solution', (conv) => {
let message = choose([0];
// if the user doesn't have a screen, give them only the
// message plus info about getting url via a screen
if (!conv.screen){
conv.ask(message['text'] + ' To see the url switch ' +
'over to a screen');
conv.ask(new SimpleResponse({
speech: message['hintSpeech'],
text: message['hintText'],
// creates a card with a photo and a link
conv.ask(new BasicCard({
title: 'Github Repo',
buttons: new Button({
title: 'Go to Solution',
url: github + challengesName + '/' + challengesName +
image: new Image({
url: celebrationImg,
alt: 'Image of balloons or fireworks',
conv.ask(new Suggestions('Solution', 'Repeat Problem')
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