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Jessica Dene Earley-Cha chatasweetie

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View whiteboarding-solution-index.js
app.intent('solution', (conv) => {
let message = choose([0];
// if the user doesn't have a screen, give them only the
// message plus info about getting url via a screen
if (!conv.screen){
conv.ask(message['text'] + ' To see the url switch ' +
'over to a screen');
View whiteboarding-challengeHint-index.js
// index.js
app.intent('challengeHint', (conv) => {
// get the data that is saved on the user
let challengesName =;
let level =;
// if they don't have a challengeName, then we tell them a
// message
if (!challengeName){
conv.ask(new SimpleResponse({
speech: noChallengeresponse['speech'},
View whiteboarding-askProblem-responses.js
// responses.js
beginnerChallenges = [
'problemName': 'matching_parens',
'text': 'Write the function …',
'speech': '<speak> Write the function…',
'hintText': 'If you remove all the letters…',
'hintSpeech': '<speak> If you remove all the letters…',
View whiteboarding-askProblem-index.js
// index.js
app.intent('askProblem', (conv, params) => {
let level = params.level;
// if level is random or not defined, I choose a random level
if (level === 'random' || !level) {
let keys = Object.keys(response.challenges);
level = choose(keys);
let questions = responses.challenge[level];
View whiteboarding-welcome-responses.js
export.greeting = {
'new': [
{'text': 'Hello, my name is Jessica…',
'speech': '<speak> Hello, <break time=".35 /> my name…',
'returning': [
{'text': 'Hi again! I'm excited to help…',
'speech': '<speak> Hi again! I'm excited to help…',
View whiteboarding-welcome-index.js
const responses = require('./responses');
app.intent('Default Welcome Intent', (conv) => {
// the user has used this Action prior, let's give them the
// returning greeting
if (conv.user.last.seen) {
// the choose function is something that I wrote to return
// a list of random elements
let message = choose(responses.greeting['returning'])[0];
// creates an instance of a Simple Response and passes our
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