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Ryan chimon2000

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extension AsValueListenable<T> on Stream<T> {
/// Converts a [Stream] to a [ValueListenable]
/// The internal [StreamSubscription] is cancelled when
/// all listeners added to [ValueListenable] are removed.
/// Keep this in mind as this could cause issues with
/// single-subscription streams.
ValueListenable<T> asValueListenable(T initialValue) {
return _StreamValueListenable(this, initialValue);
Nash0x7E2 / Allow-multiple-gestures.dart
Last active Sep 26, 2021
[DEPRECATED] Sample code on how to enable gesture pass through so that both the parent and the child widget receive the gesture.
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import 'package:flutter/gestures.dart';
import 'package:flutter/material.dart';
//Main function. The entry point for your Flutter app.
void main() {
home: Scaffold(
body: DemoApp(),
developit / *
Last active Jul 17, 2021
🐻 Valoo: just the bare necessities of state management. 150b / 120b.
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🐻 valoo

just the bare necessities of state management.


Hotlink it from

See Interactive Codepen Demo.

addyosmani /
Last active Oct 18, 2021
Workbox recipes

Workbox runtime caching recipes

Your Service Worker script will need to import in Workbox and initialize it before calling any of the routes documented in this write-up, similar to the below:

const workbox = new WorkboxSW();

// Placeholder array populated automatically by workboxBuild.injectManifest()
raphaelkross / Javascript Immutable Operations
Created Mar 27, 2016
Javascript Immutable Operations
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// Arrays & Objs Without Mutations
var list = ['1', '2', '3'];
var obj = {item: 1, blob: 2};
// Adds item to array
list.concat(['4', '5']);
[...list, [4, 5]];
gorangajic /
Last active Nov 19, 2021
es6 spread immutable cheatsheet

update object

var state = {
    id: 1,
    points: 100,
    name: "Goran"

var newState = {
marty-wang / gist:5a71e9d0a6a2c6d6263c
Last active Jul 21, 2021
Compile and deploy React Native Android app of Release version to device.
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Disclaimer: The instructions are the collective efforts from a few places online.
Nothing here is my original. But I want to put them together in one place to save people from spending the same time as I did.
First off, bundle.
1. cd to the project directory
2. Start the react-native packager if not started
3. Download the bundle to the asset folder:
curl "http://localhost:8081/" -o "android/app/src/main/assets/"