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block probability
import matplotlib
import numpy.random
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from matplotlib.ticker import FuncFormatter
cumulative = True
def to_percent(y, position):
# Ignore the passed in position. This has the effect of scaling the default
# tick locations.
s = str(100 * y)
# The percent symbol needs escaping in latex
if matplotlib.rcParams['text.usetex'] is True:
return s + r'$\%$'
return s + '%'
plt.hist(numpy.random.exponential(10, 1e7), bins=100, normed=True, cumulative=cumulative)
plt.xlim(0, 80)
plt.xlabel('Minutes waited' if cumulative else 'Minutes between blocks')
plt.ylabel('Probability of block being found' if cumulative else 'Probability')
plt.title('Block waiting time' if cumulative else 'Time between blocks')
plt.savefig('block-cumulative-interval.png' if cumulative else 'block-interval.png')

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@Wuttichaiza Wuttichaiza commented Oct 6, 2018

Wuttichai Chauymouang

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