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Forkers, we're not raising a single byte
In cryptoland, cypherpunks get clever
Belief in freedom switches off never
So long as nodes are run, bitcoin stays untorn
Six an hour, new blocks are born
To honest miners, new coins are bestow
Going above 21 million is a no
[chorus x2]
Forkers, we're not raising a single byte!
The block size limit must stay finite!
Giga-blocks were what you desired
Did you realise the core devs would be fired?
You wanted blacklists, and blocks that are enormous
Did you give a single thought to performance?
But your plan will not come to fruition
True bitcoiners wont give up their mission
[chorus x2]
Mike blogged to you, he's a good presenter
But his real aim was bitcoin with a center
Reddit shills with many a persona
Would hand the code over to some stoner
With 2 MB you sought to appease
But true bitcoiners don't give up with ease
[chorus x2]
All the trolling, backroom dealing and rogue agents
Caused even gmaxwell to lose his patience
Some miners thought they could push us around
So Luke wrote a new PoW to shut them down
Core devs, we support you, finish the job
Don't let bitcoin become ruled by the mob
[chorus x2]
Sung to the tune of Nedamo Ti Tuđmane:
[*] BitcoinXT blacklists
[*] Mike Hearn dictator
[*] Core devs fired 1
[*] Core devs fired 2
[*] Stoner 1
[*] Stoner 2
[*] Reddit sockpuppets:
[*] Reddit vote brigading:
[*] Reddit automated vote manipulation
[*] Backroom dealing:
[*] GMaxwell leaving
[*] “The rumors are true,” Chun said. “Miners in China were scared by Luke Dashjr’s proof-of-work changing pull request.”
[*] Gavin is not a friend of bitcoin
[*] Debate summary
[*] The hard work of core devs, not XT, makes bitcoin scalable.
[*] Core scaling roadmap
[*] fake nodes run off of AWS instances
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