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Chris Bielinski chrisb

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Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

To claim this, I am signing this object:

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class MyController < ApplicationController
helper_method :do_something
# ...
def do_something
# ...
chrisb / gist:4d6a09c6cc1ca2e1b14e
Last active Oct 30, 2018
Homebrew, Ruby, and Rails on OS X 10.10
View gist:4d6a09c6cc1ca2e1b14e

OS X 10.10 Guide

Here's what I did to get things working.

1. Install Xcode 6

Yep, over at:

2. Install the Command Line Tools (CLT)

View fizzbuzz.rb
(1..100).each { |i|s='';s+='Fizz'if i%3==0;s+='Buzz'if i%5==0;puts s==''?i:s }
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all_hypos = [
[ "have perpetual cheese-breath", "sweat chocolate" ],
[ "be forced to eat blood for one year", "eat bugs for the rest of your life" ],
[ "always smell of poop", "look like a reptile" ]
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require 'rubygems'
require 'active_support/all'
class MyEngine < Object
class Configuration
include ActiveSupport::Configurable
def self.method_missing(meth, *args)
self.config.send meth, *args
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# untained_csv_each('my.csv'),'Date') do |row|
# # do something with row
# end
def untainted_csv_each(file,line_match,&block)
tmp_file ="-tmp","w+")
garbage_passed = false
file.each do |line|
garbage_passed = true if line =~ /^"(.*)#{line_match}"/ && !garbage_passed
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function wysiwymTslt(strKey) {
var locale = $('html').attr('lang');
return {
'bold': { en: 'Bold', fr: '' },
'italic': { en: 'Italic', fr: '' },
'italics': { en: 'italics', fr: '' },
'link': { en: 'Link', fr: '' },
'blockquote': { en: 'Blockquote', fr: '' },
'large_code_block': { en: 'Large Code Block', fr: '' },
'quote': { en: 'Quote', fr: '' },
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the Sun

"first is fleet of foot/ the second believes in love/ the third is blue and the fourth is red/ when looked on from above/ the fifth is King presiding/ the sixth and seventh his fathers/ the eighth his crowned brother/ circling with the others/ who do they worship?"

the law

"it cannot be held / but it can be broken / its eyes are everywhere / no one is above it / but not everyone is behind it / ..."


"riddle me this: / what is it that you can hold and keep, / but disappears as soon as you / pass it to another?"


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class Foo
def hello
def bar
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