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Created Oct 26, 2012
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the Sun

"first is fleet of foot/ the second believes in love/ the third is blue and the fourth is red/ when looked on from above/ the fifth is King presiding/ the sixth and seventh his fathers/ the eighth his crowned brother/ circling with the others/ who do they worship?"

the law

"it cannot be held / but it can be broken / its eyes are everywhere / no one is above it / but not everyone is behind it / ..."


"riddle me this: / what is it that you can hold and keep, / but disappears as soon as you / pass it to another?"


"spin us a tale / talk rings around us all day / if you get lost / a compass will find the way / sit 'round the table / order pie that never ends /watch things take shape / dine as one of Euclid's friends"


"eight times eight is sixy-four / we stand and brance to fight a war / soldiers match and never turn round / each second step on blackened ground / ollow the one who speaks of God / always in light or darkness broad / our Lord steps slow, his lady in haste / we mind our roles and know our caste"


"one bit two bit three bit four / have two of these to rub so more / ten of these will make it smaller / five times this spends half a dollar / count sixteen yet first in line / turn it over for throne enshrined / once with three ears but now has one / no more thoughts this rhyme is done"


"you always look at my face / but never my backside / twelve men have touched me / to satisfy their pride / thirteen was unluckly / that much is a fact / im always under scruntiny / my every move is tracked"

hammer & nail

"destined partners forever apart / briefly together but right from the start / banging their heads, conflict and and strife / driving their points, then separate for life / eight penny ten penny twelve penny more / congregate together back at the store / connections made held fast in place / then put away without any trace"


"first place ribbon / and clean white sheets / throwing letters / with uneven beats / in the carriage / return the keys / dead Under wood / no use for these"


"the Romans didnt have me / yet managed to build great things / when they learned of me, i was nothing / now central to all your thingamajings / try to duplicate me, i remain unchanged / on that i am resolute / useme on a universal scale / i stand absolute"


"spin me dizzy / ill see true / ill find the corners / invisible to you / i know the NEWS / and which way to go / ill point the way / so easy to show"


"every day its the same / and yet its never enough / no, it is not money / but finding it is tough / may not be your first guess / so think and make a second / maybe ask your daddy / and see what he has reckoned"


"riddle me this / what is it that fits like a glove but resides under the tongue?"


"What has no arms but captures everything / has one eye but total recall?"


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