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@import compass/utilities/general/inline_block.sass
:border none
.tab_l, .tab_t, .tab_r
:background-repeat no-repeat
:height 35px
:color red
.tab_l, .tab_r
:color transparent
:background-position top left
:background-image url('/images/redesign/my/default-button-left-corner.gif')
:background-position top center
:background-image url('/images/redesign/my/green-default-button-stretch.gif')
:background-repeat repeat-x
:text-align center
:margin-top 7px
:background-position top right
:background-image url('/images/redesign/my/default-button-right-corner.gif')
%li{:class => "#{my_tab.css.join ' ' unless my_tab.css.empty?}"}
%span.tab_l<> &nbsp;&nbsp;
%span.tab_t<>= link_to my_tab.title, my_tab.url
%span.tab_r<> &nbsp;&nbsp;
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