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Chris Eppstein chriseppstein

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View Example Sinatra stylesheet action.rb
get "/stylesheets/screen.css" do
content_type 'text/css'
# Use views/stylesheets & blueprint's stylesheet dirs in the Sass load path
sass :"stylesheets/screen", :sass => Compass.sass_engine_options
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// round corners (base)
= border-radius(!radius = 10px)
-moz-border-radius= !radius
-webkit-border-radius= !radius
border-radius= !radius
// top rounded corners
= border-top-radius(!radius = 10px)
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def f(ra,n)
ra.each {|x| r+=1 if x.include? n}
def g(ra, n)
ra.inject(0){|m, x| m + (x.include?(n) ? 1 : 0) }
View sass_template_handler.rb
module ActionView
class ErSass < ActionView::TemplateHandler
include ERB::Util
", local_assigns)"
def initialize(view = nil)
@view = view
View screen.sass
@import compass/reset.sass
@import blueprint.sass
@import blueprint/modules/form.sass
@import blueprint/modules/liquid.sass
@import compass/layout.sass
@import compass/utilities.sass
@import icons.sass
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@import compass/utilities/general/inline_block.sass
:border none
.tab_l, .tab_t, .tab_r
:background-repeat no-repeat
:height 35px
:color red
View my_grid.sass
@import 960/grid.sass
// Or whatever gallery wrapper white padding used to be
padding: 1em 0
background-color: white
View compass.config
# config/compass.rb
# Require any additional compass plugins here.
project_type = :rails
project_path = RAILS_ROOT if defined?(RAILS_ROOT)
css_dir = "public/stylesheets/compiled"
sass_dir = "app/stylesheets"
images_dir = "public/images"
javascripts_dir = "public/javascripts"
output_style = :compact
http_images_path = "/public/images"
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Full stylesheet for Winston
License: see LICENSE packaged with Winston
the same license counts for each module separately
Desc: This is the full Winston stylesheet. It is recommended
to only take the parts you need in orde to minimize the
amount of CSS in your project.
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