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Setting up a virtualenv

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3, Jeff Sessions,attorney general,"February 9, 2017","November 7, 2018",637,Donald Trump,"In a letter delivered to the White House, Sessions wrote that he was submitting his resignation at the request of the president, who has been highly critical of his attorney general since he recused himself last year from overseeing the investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 election and whether the president himself obstructed justice in the matter.",Los Angeles Times,
34, Loretta E. Lynch,attorney general,"April 27, 2015","January 20, 2017",635,Barack Obama,,,
82, Eric H. Holder Jr.,attorney general,"February 3, 2009","April 27, 2015",2275,Barack Obama,,,
19, Michael B. Mukasey,attorney general,"November 9, 2007","January 20, 2009",439,George W. Bush,,,
48, Alberto R. Gonzales,attorney general,"February 3, 2005","Septem
chrislkeller / scotus_data.csv
Last active Oct 6, 2018
Data structured from U.S. Senate Supreme Court Nominations: present-1789 located at
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1,Brett Kavanaugh,President Donald Trump,Kennedy,2018-07-10,88,null,null,null,,null,n/a,,2018-10-06,115,Republican,Republican,51,Democrat,47,2,100,"2 Independents
(both caucus with the Democrats)"
2,Neil M. Gorsuch,President Donald Trump,Scalia,2017-02-01,65,54-45,54,45,54.5%,,Confirmed and served,,2017-04-07,115,Republican,Republican,51,Democrat,47,2,100,2 Independents (both caucus with the Democrats)
3,Merrick B. Garland,President Barack Obama,Scalia,2016-03-16,null,null,null,null,,null,No Action,,null,114,Democrat,Republican,54,Democrat,44,2,100,"2 Independents
(both caucus with the Democrats)"
4,Elena Kagan,President Bar
chrislkeller / senate_intelligence_commitee_members_2001_2018.csv
Last active Oct 5, 2018
A rundown of members of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee between 2001 and the current session though 2018. Data acquired from the Senate Intelligence Committee webpages. Includes member ID and link to bio page on ProPublica's Represent news app
View senate_intelligence_commitee_members_2001_2018.csv
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51,115th Congress,2017-2018,Angus King,K000383,Democrat,Maine,,,
71,114th Congress,2015-2016,Angus King,K000383,Democrat,Maine,,,
91,113th Congress,2013-2014,Angus King,K000383,Democrat,Maine,,,
17,107th Congress,2001-2002,Barbara A. Mikulski,M000702,Democrat,Maryland,,,
36,108th Congress,2003-2004,Barbara A. Mikulski,M000702,Democrat,Maryland,,https://www.intelligence
chrislkeller / 2017_06_08_comey_transcript.csv
Last active Jun 10, 2017
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opening-statement,burr,gop,"I'd like to call this hearing to order. Director Comey, I appreciate your willingness to appear before the committee today, and more importantly, I thank you for your dedicated service and leadership to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Your appearance today speaks to the trust we have built over the years, and I'm looking forward to a very open and candid discussion today."
opening-statement,burr,gop,"I'd like to remind my colleagues that we will reconvene in closed session at 1 PM today and I ask that you reserve for that venue any questions that might get into classified information. The director has been very gracious with his time, but the vice chairman and I have worked out a very specific timeline for his commitment to be on the Hill, so we will do everything we can to meet that agreement."
opening-statement,burr,gop,"The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence exists to certify for the other 85 members of the United States Senate an
chrislkeller /
Last active Mar 6, 2017
Thinking through an Intent Schema and method to handle and process harassing language thrown at Amazon's Alexa service.
# random module required
import random
plug_in method that responds
to "HaltHarassment" intent
def halt_harassment():
list_of_responses = []
list_len = (len(list_of_responses) - 1)
chrislkeller / 2016_11_08_la_county_pres_by_precinct.csv
Created Nov 10, 2016
csv of precinct-by-precinct pre-certified results from Los Angeles County from the Nov. 8, 2016 presidential election
View 2016_11_08_la_county_pres_by_precinct.csv
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row_ids,ballot_type,precinct_id,registration,ballots cast,turnout,stein,clinton,la_riva,trump,johnson,orig_location,concatanated_location,
1,precinct ballots, 0050003A ,1084,456,0.42,9,116,0,287,16,ACTON , 0050003A - ACTON ,
2,vote by mail ballots, 0050003A ,0,154,NULL,3,40,0,105,5,VOTE BY MAIL, 0050003A - VOTE BY MAIL,
3,total ballots, 0050003A ,1084,610,0.56,12,156,0,392,21,TOTAL, 0050003A - TOTAL,
4,precinct ballots, 0050004B ,592,244,0.41,1,54,3,175,3,ACTON , 0050004B - ACTON ,
5,vote by mail ballots, 0050004B ,0,98,NULL,0,34,0,59,2,VOTE BY MAIL, 0050004B - VOTE BY MAIL,
6,total ballots, 0050004B ,592,342,0.58,1,88,3,234,5,TOTAL, 0050004B - TOTAL,
7,precinct ballots, 0050005A ,733,306,0.42,2,62,2,220,11,ACTON , 0050005A - ACTON ,
8,vote by mail ballots, 0050005A ,0,113,NULL,0,33,0,78,2,VOTE BY MAIL, 0050005A - VOTE BY MAIL,
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