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Chris Schreiner chrisschreiner

  • Schpaencoder
  • Oslo, Norway, Europe
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chrisschreiner / Main.elm
Created Jun 8, 2016 — forked from pdamoc/Main.elm
Req msg with cache
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module Main exposing (..)
import Html exposing (..)
import Html.App as App
import Html.Events exposing (onClick)
import Req exposing (..)
import Dict exposing (Dict)
main : Program Never
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parseKeyPress : Int -> Model -> ( Model, Cmd Msg )
parseKeyPress c model =
f =
case parseKey c of
Key1 ->
KeySpace ->
chrisschreiner / .gitignore
Created May 15, 2016 — forked from zemm/.gitignore
Creative Commons license chooser widget in Elm
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var path = require('path');
var webpack = require('webpack');
var ExtractTextPlugin = require("extract-text-webpack-plugin");
module.exports = {
resolveLoader: {
root: __dirname + "/node_modules"
plugins: [
new webpack.ProvidePlugin({
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module Main (..) where
import Maybe exposing (Maybe, withDefault)
import List exposing (head, length)
import Graphics.Collage as GC
import Graphics.Element as GE
import Graphics.Element
import Graphics.Collage exposing (rotate)
import Signal exposing (..)
import Mouse
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port runner : Task Http.RawError ()
port runner = State.askForData q `Task.andThen` report
report : Http.Response -> Task x ()
report res =
Signal.send contentMailbox.address (toString res.value)
contentMailbox : Signal.Mailbox String
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module Lifting (main) where
import Json.Decode as J
import Window
import Html
import Http
import Task
import Graphics.Element
import Color exposing (grayscale)
import Signal exposing(map)
chrisschreiner / APOD.swift
Last active Jun 25, 2018
Astronomy Picture of the Day with ReactiveCocoa 4
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// APOD.swift
// Test with ReactiveCocoa 4
// Created by Chris Patrick Schreiner on 17-11-2015.
import ReactiveCocoa
import Result
import XCPlayground
XCPlaygroundPage.currentPage.needsIndefiniteExecution = true
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// There's some function that takes an UnsafeBufferPointer
func f(ubp: UnsafeBufferPointer<UInt8>)
// I want to call it with NSData
let data: NSData(...)
f(UnsafeBufferPointer(start: UnsafePointer<UInt8>(data.bytes), count: data.length))
// Would I need to NSData.withUnsafeBufferPointer() to exist? (Which of course it doesn't.)
View GistServiceSpec.swift
// GistServiceSpec.swift
// Created by Chris Patrick Schreiner on 09/08/15.
// Copyright © 2015 Chris Patrick Schreiner. All rights reserved.
import Foundation
import Quick
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