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download egghead videos

Download videos from egghead

  1. Install the React Developer Tools Chrome Extension.

  2. Go to the egghead website, i.e. Getting Started with Redux

  3. Click View -> Developer -> Javascript Console, then the React tab, then the <NextUpLessonList ...> tag.

  4. Click back to the Console tab, then run:


You will get the following list
  1. Save as list.txt

  2. brew install youtube-dl

  3. youtube-dl -a list.txt

  4. Run this rename script to get rid of the Mojibake

for i in *mp4; do
   mv "$i" "`echo $i | sed "s/#.*//"`"'.mp4';
  1. Sort videos by time created to watch them in order
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it is not working on pro member videos.

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ellerbrock commented Aug 8, 2016

cool, nice idear to get them on local disc.
one thing which bothered me is that i have some random files without any index.
because we are programmers and lazy we don't rename by hand :)

small update with autoindex via:
youtube-dl -o "%(autonumber)s-%(title)s.%(ext)s" -a list.txt

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kungwangtotvs commented Aug 9, 2016

this works for me on removing Mojibake

for i in *mp4; do
f=$(echo $i | cut -d"." -f1)
mv $i $f.mp4

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siberianbear commented Aug 21, 2016

Does not work for me.
Now real links to video looks like:[randomphrase]/file.mp4

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ellerbrock commented Sep 6, 2016

Egghead Video Download

Quick Introduction how to Download Egghead Videos for Offline View.


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smahi commented Sep 24, 2016

Egghead video download using NIX tools


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yhaskell commented May 13, 2017

My answer to that:


if ($#ARGV < 0 or $ARGV[0] eq '-h' or $ARGV[0] eq "--help") {
print <<EOF;
Usage: egghead-download URL [name-remove-pattern]
    URL: course to download
    [name-remove-pattern]: thing that you want to remove from file names



my $lesson_page = `curl $ARGV[0]`;

my @matches = $lesson_page =~ /<a href="(https:\/\/\/lessons\/[\w-]+)" class="/g;

my @matches_unique = do { my %seen; grep { !$seen{$_}++ } @matches };

my $count = $#matches_unique + 1;

print "Downloading $count lessons...\n";

my $j = 0;
foreach my $match (@matches_unique) {
    &download($match, $j < 10 ? "0$j" : $j);

sub download {
  $url = shift;
  $i = shift;

  $url =~ /\/([\w-]+)$/;
  my $title = $1;
  $title =~ s/-/ /g;

  if ($#ARGV > 0) {
    my $req = $ARGV[1];
    $title =~ s/$req//g;
  print "Downloading $i. $title\n";
  `youtube-dl -o '$i. $title.mp4' $url\n`;

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These solutions aren't working anymore

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youtube-dl fails to download videos now

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mtusman commented Aug 2, 2017

Just go on this website and click mp4 and insert the url of each of the videos you want to download. It's a hassle to do this manually but it works

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larry27 commented Aug 15, 2017

Hi everyone. I created package for downloading videos from egghead. Welcome

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shivamkr19 commented Oct 3, 2017

Download free videos

Install Youtube-dl and Lynx Console Browser for your OS.
Run the following commands on your terminal.

# set course or lesson url in url variable

# Downloads source from URL, finds playlist links and uses youtube-dl to download them.
lynx -source $url | grep -o -e 'https://[^"]*.m3u8' | xargs -n1 youtube-dl -o "%(title)s.%(ext)s"


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@Shivamkrjha it works only on free lessons, any idea about pro content?

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indefinitelee commented Nov 20, 2017

just using youtube-dl and the egghead link worked perfectly for me for free lessons

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I've downloaded videos, however, they don't have voice. What is the problem?

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uiyuvi commented Dec 8, 2017

How to download with audio.. I have tried may attempts stills getting only vieo or only audio... i couldn't get to download audio+video together

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For merge video + audio to one file, use youtube-dl with FFmpeg installed.

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uiyuvi commented Dec 28, 2017

i tried with ffmpeg as well but no luck :( at times i am getting No such file or directory error

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UPDATE: now you can do $r.props.children.props.course.course.download_url and it will give you a zip of the course with all videos

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In the React tab, I selected the following:

screen shot 2018-01-31 at 7 19 09 pm

Used the following query to capture the list in the Chrome console

No Audio with video
Needed to run brew install ffmpeg for Mac

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can anyone put it on torrent? nothing works for me :/

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Array.from(document.querySelectorAll('a.lh-title')).map(e => e.href).join('\n')

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a-eid commented Oct 26, 2018

this is a programatic way of doing what is described above,(( it's very basic ))
I might add to it later

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As of today, the solution from @shivamkr19 worked fine for me on mac bish bash 5.0.
I needed to install dependencies first, particularly ffmpeg for audio:

brew install youtube-dl
brew install lynx
brew install ffmpeg

Posted all here for easy to find, but came from @shivamkr19:

# set course or lesson url in url variable

# Downloads source from URL, finds playlist links and uses youtube-dl to download them.
lynx -source $url | grep -o -e 'https://[^"]*.m3u8' | xargs -n1 youtube-dl -o "%(title)s.%(ext)s"

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Today I found a course where script above does not work:

Anyone has any idea why the course would have only 2 videos as m3u8 ?

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shivamkr19 commented Oct 5, 2019 via email

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please i've tried throughout the night to download series of

i've used npm install youtube-dl with npm install ffmpeg yet is not downloading. what do i have to do?

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DrSwad commented Sep 23, 2020

How did you know I was looking to download this exact same course? :0 Btw, the rename script didn't work for me for some reason. If anyone else is facing it too and got node installed, you can follow these two steps instead:

  1. Run node in the directory where you downloaded the videos (make sure there's no other files except the videos (you can do so by running ls -a) ).

  2. Open terminal and run const fs = require('fs'); const path = require('path'); const files = fs.readdirSync('.'); files.forEach(file => {const matches = file.match(/Redux - (.*?)-(\d*)\.mp4\.mp4/); fs.renameSync('./' + file, './' + matches[2] + ' - ' + matches[1] + '.mp4');});.

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Hey guys, is there a way to download Premium Courses? I have an account, but can't download any of them with this or with youtube-dl, in the past like a year ago, I was downloading them using youtube-dl. Thanks in advance!

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zenkiet commented Mar 26, 2022

how can i download the subtitle of the video

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