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Installing FLOW3 via Composer

Please note: This is work in progress

FLOW3 is installable via Composer and excutable from the commandline with this fork, but has not been fully tested.

Most likely several things are broken. Also the package structure has changed, a migration tool will be provided

Installing FLOW3 with Composer

  1. Create an empty directory for your project

  2. Download as composer.json in the directory

    wget --no-check-certificate

  3. Get composer

    curl -s | php


  4. from the root of the directory run

    composer.phar install

  5. that's it. now run


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mneuhaus commented Sep 10, 2012

awesome :)

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sascha-egerer commented Sep 11, 2012

nice! thanks!

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mrimann commented Sep 17, 2012

Nice one - thanks!

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kdambekalns commented Sep 25, 2012

This is a composer.json that works for me as of no:

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