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Import ZSH history to Fish
'use strict';
const fs = require('fs');
const expandHomeDir = require('expand-home-dir');
const zshHistoryRaw = fs.readFileSync(expandHomeDir('~/.zsh_history'), 'utf8');
const zshHistoryLines = zshHistoryRaw.split('\n');
const transformLine = line => {
try {
const semicolonIndex = line.indexOf(';');
const command = line.substring(semicolonIndex + 1);
const when = line.substring(0, semicolonIndex).split(':')[1].trim();
return `- cmd: ${command}\n when: ${when}`;
} catch (e) {
// Probably a continuation of the previous line.
// I don't care about these
const fishHistory = => transformLine(line)).join('\n');
fs.writeFileSync(expandHomeDir('~/.config/fish/fish_history'), fishHistory, 'utf8');

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christopherstott commented Jan 23, 2016

npm install expand-home-dir before running


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felipefdl commented Jul 2, 2016

Works well!


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simonmeusel commented Apr 8, 2017

Works! You should maybe create the file if it does not exists :)


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hnykda commented Feb 21, 2018

Instead of trying to find out how npm works, I put something together in Python.

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