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BlockBook vs Insight API in


This document is an analysis of the endpoints in that rely on Insight API. Each endpoint is analyized with respect to replacing the use of Insight API.

My take-away from this analysis is that BlockBook API is very close to a drop-in replacement for Insight API. If there is ever any risk of Insight API ending support or getting forked off the network, BlockBook API would be an adaquate replacement. If the BITBOX team wants to be proactive, we could create additional endpoints and slowly begin to phase out Insight API, giving our users time to migrate.

There are approximately 5 endpoints on that call Insight API. Here is how they compare with BlockBook API:




  • Example call
  • Endpoint is missing in Blockbook. But same output can be achieved by getting transactions list from address/details then iteratively calling rawTransaction/getRawTransaction/:txid on each TXID returned.



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