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Created Nov 29, 2018

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Unproductive code reviews

Arguments over style


  • People feel demotivated
  • Lower productivity
  • Team doesn't grow


  • Decide what the convention will be (everyone votes, then it can't be brought up again for 3 months)
  • Pre-commit linting with lint-staged, yorkie (fork of husky)
  • Run related unit tests on pre-commit (--findRelated with Jest)
  • Always find some room for improvement, even if it doesn't prevent the code from being merged.

Team not aware of conventions, or just not following them


  • Someone not sure about the steps involved, e.g. to add a page
  • Not writing tests, when they know they should
  • Not following other conventions that can't be caught by a linter


  • Use generators with Hygen
  • Workspace snippets in VS Code
  • Internal docs (have new people read through your internal docs and ask questions, before getting a walkthrough)
  • In-line comments (but first, see if you could re-write the code in a way that doesn't require a comment)
  • Use Cypress for end-to-end tests (much friendlier dev experience)

People get hurt


  • A new dev asked me once after a week of my code reviews, "Do you hate me?" because I always found areas for improvement. Now, that's not a problem - that's what helps the team grow.


  • Use a lot of emoji - it's better to come across as weird than mean
  • Ask questions, rather than assuming fault
  • Let nitpicks go if they won't ever result in a bug, difficult to figure out, difficult to maintain, very likely to require a major refactor very soon
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