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building things
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chuckreynolds / abstract.json
Last active December 15, 2023 23:14
Wikimedia Enterprise API — Results for article "Squirrel" @ 2023 Dec 15. On-demand API response for Article Body, both Wikitext and HTML (provided exclusively by Wikimedia Enterprise), Abstract, Short Description fields, and beta endpoint resp for Infobox & article body Sections.
"abstract": " Squirrels are members of the family Sciuridae, a family that includes small or medium-size rodents. The squirrel family includes tree squirrels, ground squirrels, and flying squirrels. Squirrels are indigenous to the Americas, Eurasia, and Africa, and were introduced by humans to Australia. The earliest known fossilized squirrels date from the Eocene epoch, and among other living rodent families, the squirrels are most closely related to the mountain beaver and to the dormice.",
johnmurch / links-console.js
Created September 11, 2020 01:35
Oceas / wds-hello-world.php
Last active June 2, 2023 10:03
WDS WP-CLI 101 Complete
Plugin Name: WDS Hello World
Plugin URI:
Description: Teaching the basics of WP-CLI
Author: Web Dev Studios
Version: 1.0.0
Author URI:
class WDS_CLI {
JoeyBurzynski /
Last active June 2, 2024 11:24
58 bytes of css to look great nearly everywhere

58 bytes of CSS to look great nearly everywhere

When making this website, i wanted a simple, reasonable way to make it look good on most displays. Not counting any minimization techniques, the following 58 bytes worked well for me:

main {
  max-width: 38rem;
  padding: 2rem;
  margin: auto;
tessak22 / functions.php
Created March 12, 2019 12:06
Hero Gutenberg Block using Advanced Custom Fields 5.8 Pro
* Register hero block
add_action('acf/init', 'hero');
function hero() {
// check function exists
if( function_exists('acf_register_block') ) {
// register a hero block
drewm / shoot-sharing-image.js
Last active April 30, 2021 06:24
Dynamic Social Sharing Images
const puppeteer = require('puppeteer');
const imagemin = require('imagemin');
const imageminPngquant = require('imagemin-pngquant');
// Get the URL and the slug segment from it
const url = process.argv[2];
const segments = url.split('/');
const slug = segments[segments.length-2];
(async () => {
AdamSoucie / gist-block.js
Created August 17, 2018 19:19
Block.js file for Gist Gutenberg Block
* BLOCK: wds-gist
// Import CSS.
import './style.scss';
import './editor.scss';
const { __ } = wp.i18n; // Import __() from wp.i18n
const { registerBlockType } = wp.blocks; // Import registerBlockType() from wp.blocks
pento / php-block.js
Last active February 29, 2024 01:31
Converting a shortcode to a block: this method is fast to do, but a mediocre UX. You should only use this as a stopgap until you can implement a full block UI.
// License: GPLv2+
var el = wp.element.createElement,
registerBlockType = wp.blocks.registerBlockType,
ServerSideRender = wp.components.ServerSideRender,
TextControl = wp.components.TextControl,
InspectorControls = wp.editor.InspectorControls;
* Here's where we register the block in JavaScript.
jonoalderson / userAgentSEO.php
Last active November 29, 2018 09:13
Looks up the user agent against a known list, and outputs a HTML comment
// Quick script to check and output the user agent in a HTML comment
// Jono Alderson []
// =================================
// Google user agent strings are sourced from
// []
// Feel free to add/edit definitions
// =================================
// Last updated: 20/03/2018
bcnzer / postman-pre-request.js
Last active June 4, 2024 08:55
Postman pre-request script to automatically get a bearer token from Auth0 and save it for reuse
const echoPostRequest = {
url: 'https://<my url>',
method: 'POST',
header: 'Content-Type:application/json',
body: {
mode: 'application/json',
raw: JSON.stringify(
client_id:'<your client ID>',
client_secret:'<your client secret>',