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<!DOCTYPE html>
<p>Here's a random yes or no: <span id="yes-no"></span></p>
let yesNo = document.querySelector('#yes-no')
console.log('Script starting!')
const { defineConfig } = require('@vue/cli-service')
module.exports = defineConfig({
transpileDependencies: true,
devServer: {
proxy: ''
import kotlin.random.Random
/****** Number types, Int and Double ******/
val classCredits = 6 // A constant Int value
val classWeeks: Int = 17 // Can include type
val classHours = 2.5 // A constant Double value
val textbookPrice: Double = 35.99 // constant Double, can include type
import requests # alt+enter or hover over error to import
from pprint import pprint # optional use pprint to print the response
def get_random_activity():
url = ''
# get response and convert json response to python dictionary
response = requests.get(url).json()
# pprint(response) # make sure you import pprint at the top of the file
# extract the activity text
activity = response['activity'] # spelling must match dictionary keys
import requests
kitten_picture_url = ''
response = requests.get(kitten_picture_url)
with open('kitten.jpg', 'wb') as file:
for chunk in response.iter_content():
claraj /
Created February 16, 2021 17:59
Python enum for Rock-Paper-Scissors choices
from enum import Enum
import random
class Play(Enum):
ROCK = 1
def __str__(self):
return # so when printing an enum, it prints 'Rock' instead of 'ROCK'
  1. Create Git repo, add code, push code
  2. Enable GitHub pages.
  3. In Vue code, create new file vue.config.js with this contents. This file will be in the base directory of your project, same place as package.json. Change name-of-your-repo to the name of your GitHub repo
module.exports = {
    publicPath: process.env.NODE_ENV === 'production'
      ? '/name-of-your-repo/'
      : '/',
      outputDir: "docs"
claraj /
Last active March 31, 2021 13:47
Python bioinformations 101
claraj /
Created August 9, 2020 13:51
Python basics
# Python basics
# No need to specify type of variables
zebras = 4
school = 'MCTC'
GPA = 3.4
languages = ['Python', 'JavaScript', 'Swift']
mobile_development_languages = { 'iOS': 'Swift', 'Android': 'Java' }
# For loops - repeat once for every item in an iterable
claraj /
Last active September 19, 2020 13:28
How to ask for help by email and get a faster response

Hi all! I'm happy to help you with code by email. To help me troubleshoot, please answer as many questions as possible when you email me.

Asking for help by email - things you should include in your message

  1. What class are you in?
  2. What lab or project are you working on?
  3. What specifically are you trying to do?
  • Example: I'm trying to get the code on slide 42 of Week 9's slides to work
  • Example: I'm working on my final project and I'm trying to get the Save button in the main app window working, it should save the data entered into my database
  1. What's not working? What error messages do you see?