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Detect browser language in javascript (utilizing lodash)
// These window.navigator contain language information
// 1. languages -> Array of preferred languages (eg ["en-US", "zh-CN", "ja-JP"]) Firefox^32, Chrome^32
// 2. language -> Preferred language as String (eg "en-US") Firefox^5, IE^11, Safari,
// Chrome sends Browser UI language
// 3. browserLanguage -> UI Language of IE
// 4. userLanguage -> Language of Windows Regional Options
// 5. systemLanguage -> UI Language of Windows
var browserLanguagePropertyKeys = ['languages', 'language', 'browserLanguage', 'userLanguage', 'systemLanguage'];
var availableLanguages = ['de', 'ar'];
var detectedLocale = _.chain(window.navigator)
.pick(browserLanguagePropertyKeys) //Get only language properties
.values() //Get values of the properties
.flatten() //flatten all arrays
.compact() //Remove undefined values
.map(function (x) {
return x.substr(0, 2); //Shorten strings to use two chars (en-US -> en)
.find(function (x) {
return _.contains(availableLanguages, x); //Returns first language matched in available languages
var locale = detectedLocale || 'en'; //If no locale is detected, fallback to 'en'
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