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'!TITLE "RobotProgram"
Sub Main
Dim g_eng As Object
Dim g_ctrl As Object
Dim g_robot As Object
Dim g_robotVar As Object
Dim g_haltFlag As Integer
'Connect RC: IP Setting depends on your RC setting
g_ctrl = cao.AddController("RC", "CaoProv.DENSO.RC8", "", "Server=")
'Create CaoRobot object
g_robot = g_ctrl.AddRobot("Arm")
'Argument used to check arm running status
g_robotVar = g_robot.AddVariable("@BUSY_STATUS")
'Get arm control authority
g_robot.Execute "Takearm"
'Start Motor
g_robot.Execute "Motor", Array(1,0)
Do While 1
Select Case I[0]
'Start motor if arm is stationary
Case 1
If g_robotVar.Value = False Then
g_robot.Execute "Motor", Array(1,0)
End If
I[0] = 0
'Stop motor if arm is stationary
Case 2
If g_robotVar.Value = False Then
g_robot.Execute "Motor", Array(0,0)
End If
I[0] = 0
'Stop Robot
Case 3
'Record robot stop
g_haltFlag = 1
I[0] = 0
'Start Motion
Case 4
'Do not run new operation instruction if arm is running
If g_robotVar.Value = True Then
I[0] = 0
Exit Do
End If
g_haltFlag = 0
'Run robot
g_robot.Move 1, "@P P10", "Next"
'Do not start new motion until previous motion is completed
Delay 100
Loop Until g_robotVar.Value = False
'Do not start new motion if robot has stopped
If g_haltFlag = 1 Then
I[0] = 0
Exit Do
End If
'Run Robot
g_robot.Move 1, "@P P11", "Next"
I[0] = 0
'Exit Loop
Case 5
'Stop Motor
g_robot.Execute "Motor", Array(0,0)
'Release arm control authority
g_robot.Execute "Givearm"
g_robot.Variables.Remove g_robotVar.Index
g_ctrl.Robots.Remove g_robot.Index
cao.Controllers.Remove g_ctrl.Index
Exit Do
End Select
End Sub
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