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Christian C. Salvadó cms

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// Using Array.prototype.reduce:
const getChunks = (array, size) => {
return array.reduce((acc, curr, i) => {
const pos = Math.floor(i/size);
acc[pos] = [...(acc[pos]||[]), curr];
return acc
}, [])
// Using Array.from:
Rich-Harris /
Last active Jan 22, 2022
Top-level `await` is a footgun

Edit — February 2019

This gist had a far larger impact than I imagined it would, and apparently people are still finding it, so a quick update:

  • TC39 is currently moving forward with a slightly different version of TLA, referred to as 'variant B', in which a module with TLA doesn't block sibling execution. This vastly reduces the danger of parallelizable work happening in serial and thereby delaying startup, which was the concern that motivated me to write this gist
  • In the wild, we're seeing (async main(){...}()) as a substitute for TLA. This completely eliminates the blocking problem (yay!) but it's less powerful, and harder to statically analyse (boo). In other words the lack of TLA is causing real problems
  • Therefore, a version of TLA that solves the original issue is a valuable addition to the language, and I'm in full support of the current proposal, which you can read here.

I'll leave the rest of this document unedited, for archaeological


Just some notes and references for myself.

  • In bash, you can access your C:\ drive via /mnt/c/
  • ~ = C:\Users\MLM\AppData\Local\lxss\home\mlm and is different from your Windows user directory C:\Users\MLM

How to google things

boldtext=`tput bold`
normaltext=`tput sgr0`
stationnames=("Christmas Rocks!" "Christmas Lounge" "Xmas in Frisko (holiday)" "Groove Salad (ambient/electronica)" "Lush (electronica)" "Earwaves (experimental)" "Deep Space One (ambient)" "Drone Zone (ambient)" "PopTron (alternative)" "DEF CON Radio (specials)" "Dub Step Beyond (electronica)" "Space Station Soma (electronica)" "Mission Control (ambient/electronica)" "Indie Pop Rocks! (alternative)" "Folk Forward (folk/alternative)" "BAGeL Radio (alternative)" "Digitalis (electronica/alternative)" "Sonic Universe (jazz)" "Secret Agent (lounge)" "Suburbs of Goa (world)" "Boot Liquor (americana)" "Illinois Street Lounge (lounge)" "The Trip (electronica)" "cliqhop idm (electronica)" "Iceland Airwaves (alternative)" "Covers (eclectic)" "Underground 80s (alternative/electronica)" "Beat Blender (electronica)" "Doomed (ambient/industrial)" "Black Rock FM (eclectic)" "SF

Download the inspect-registers.vim file from this gist. Open the file in Vim, launching with no vimrc:

vim -Nu NONE inspect-registers.vim

Source the file:

:source %

Insert text on line one:

blueyed / _tmux_pane_words.zsh
Last active Jun 27, 2021
ZSH configuration to complete words from tmux pane(s)
View _tmux_pane_words.zsh
# Complete words from tmux pane(s) {{{1
# Source:
# Gist:
_tmux_pane_words() {
local expl
local -a w
if [[ -z "$TMUX_PANE" ]]; then
_message "not running inside tmux!"
return 1
alexyoung / tmux.conf
Created Jul 19, 2013
tmux cheap powerline
View tmux.conf
#!/usr/bin/env sh
ioreg -l | grep -i capacity | tr '\n' ' | ' | awk '{printf("%.2f%%\n", $10/$5 * 100)}'
function _common_section
printf $c1
printf $argv[1]
printf $c0
printf ":"
printf $c2
printf $argv[2]
printf $argv[3]
printf $c0
printf ", "
View grab.c
// gcc grab.c -o grab -lX11
// ugly hack to catch windows key before application and change i3 workspace if windows+[0-9] is pressed
// usage: grab winid_1 winid_2 ...
// example:
// grab `xwininfo -root -tree -int |grep " - Oracle VM VirtualBox" | awk '{print $1}'`
#include <X11/X.h>
#include <X11/Xlib.h>
bmarston / InitialDbMigrationCommand.php
Created May 8, 2013
Let's say you're starting a new Yii project and you've already created the database schema for it using something like phpMyAdmin or MySQL Workbench. Now you want to create an initial database migration so you can put the schema under version control, but you don't want to manually write the Yii code to create the tables, indexes, and foreign ke…
View InitialDbMigrationCommand.php
class InitialDbMigrationCommand extends CConsoleCommand
public function run($args) {
$schema = $args[0];
$tables = Yii::app()->db->schema->getTables($schema);
$addForeignKeys = '';
$dropForeignKeys = '';