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Last active Nov 3, 2018
Live Notes on DevRelSummit Asia 2018


DevRel Summit Asia 2018 Live Notes

These are my notes of the DevRel summit 2018 on 2nd of November in Singapore. They are by no means complete and I may have rushed a few bits. I'm looking forward to the videos and slide releases by the different presenters to fill in gaps and welcome comments on that. I hope this helps getting an idea what was covered.

Keynote Nicole Zhu, GoJek


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Last active Mar 24, 2020
Link collection for the "AI for humans" talk


Intro and history of ML on the web

  • Autodraw by Google is a tool that allows you to doodle what you want to paint and turns it into a proper icon by detecting the outline and making an ML based assumption what it could be.
  • Quickdraw by Google is a game they created a few years before Autodraw to train the model.
  • ReCaptcha is a CAPTCHA engine that feeds the data back into Google's ML systems. For example, currently being asked to detect street signs or cars is a good indicator that this data will go into the self-driving cars project.
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Created Apr 19, 2017
MST3K names of the "Space Mutiny" episode
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'Beat PunchBeef',
'Big, Brave Brick of Meat',
'Big McLargeHuge',
'Blast HardCheese',
'Blast ThickNeck',
'Bob Johnson',
'Bold BigFlank',
'Bolt VanderHuge',
'Brick HardMeat',
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<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
<title>Audio archive</title>
body {
font-family: helvetica,arial,sans-serif;
color: #333;
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# requires youtube-dl
ids=(lJ1kY-CSpBk znwWYR1mzzw 6evp7YLDJrg cRTko6m6U4A 6Qx5ZAbfqjo 4dwZ-WIJCSo YuezRMnwyeI xzBloghQhO4 2ypYniQa7_o oUVT1HXlnls PA139CERNbc 1sLjWlWvCsc d0pOgY8__JM c5GlZp6L9P4 zvG97aOfAJM VxxTkhSTJbA rw8Q9ZLDkEs rw8Q9ZLDkEs 5mcyUUf20Ng Mju-k0yxLnk 6FRURtW5qXI 2sZsBf-oUj8 ltMCrW9JCEE VHbnuNng0M8 aQSz4KnSFvk biJXpv-6XVY Sq4havIoQOo 9oGQucDOaoY SmE4OwHztCc Ju8x3z1LuCg pKtG4dO-9Tw EEF2DlOUkag MptY6ff4tOQ 18s7jJEJeOc c9kkqSgxqxQ raJcug_vW0c sloddfX9jLE 3fNEkYJIXhc CzxQn78uO6c UqSQbS7rltU fuXuirjR5NM UcPCAYpgB7k GPce5lNUhtc 4Qs5mqa4ioU BRbcoXq_x2M Xvdnewmdokc zKLkHbcjwsc 57fth5EZl8E 2BdFg5JT9lg ani_MOZt5_c)
for i in "${ids[@]}"
youtube-dl ""$i
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