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codepo8 / Star
Last active May 24, 2024 16:21
Chainlink CODE100 challlenge

Chainlink challenge

chainlink logo

Given a string s, where * represents a star…

Remove the star along with its closest non-star character to its left in a single operation.

The task is to perform this operation until all stars have been removed and to return the string that remains.

codepo8 /
Last active April 1, 2024 04:51
CODE100 "#BuntStattBraun" puzzle

CODE100 Challenge #BuntStattBraun

In this challenge you get an HTML document that renders a lot of colourful hearts.

pile of colourful hearts

And you get a JSON object with the information about all the brown colours that were used:

codepo8 / modernmarkupify.js
Created March 14, 2024 16:08
<label for="tech">Add a technology</label>
<input type="text" name="tech" id="tech">
codepo8 / CSVtoJSon.js
Last active February 29, 2024 09:07
OK, here is my function to turn CSV into JSON - what's yours?
const csvToJSON = (csv) => {
const getcsvdata = (csv) => {
const csvRegex = /,(?=(?:(?:[^"]*"){2})*[^"]*$)/;
const trimQuotes = /^"|"$/g;
csv = csv.split(csvRegex).map(
h => h.trim().replace(trimQuotes, '')
return csv;
let lines = csv.split('\n');
codepo8 / AFD.svg
Last active February 22, 2024 08:59
Alte naive fuer Deutschland
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codepo8 /
Last active February 2, 2024 13:12
The CODE 100 xxx-challenge

The CODE100 XXX challenge

It's not what you think… On the 29th of January CODE100 is coming to Amsterdam - you can get a ticket here to join the party and network or you can go the whole hog and apply as a challenger - remember, the winners get to the finals in July and last year's winner went home with 10,000 Euro prize money.

In any case, this time the puzzle is to celebrate Amsterdam and it's flag:

Flag of Amsterdam, two red bars with a black bar containing three white X

The challenge is to take a collection of 292 games of noughts and crosses (or Tic Tac Toe) and to find out how many were won by the player using the X like shown in this animation:

CODE100 Happy new year! Puzzle

Happy new year animation

Welcome to the first puzzle of 2024! To celebrate, we want you to take this dataset:

codepo8 /
Created December 19, 2023 10:53
Hitting the chimney CODE100 Puzzle

CODE100 Puzzle - Hitting the chimney!

Santa facepalming because his presents didn't hit the chimney

This time the puzzle is about Santa hitting the chimney when delivering presents. You get points in a coordinate system that are the drop points of presents and you should sort them into different arrays: those that landed in the chimney, those that landed outside and those that landed on the chimney.

Ilustration showing points in the circle as grey, points outside the circle as black and points on the circle as green

You get the a JSON dataset of a coordinate system with a certain height and with and a circle in its center with a radius of 75 pixels that is 10 pixels wide.

codepo8 /
Created November 29, 2023 16:01
CODE100 puzzle - packed snowflake

Packed snowflake

Welcome to another CODE100 puzzle. This time your task, should you want to take it on, is to create an ASCII art snowflake from this dataset: