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Created August 25, 2010 14:44
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Store the state of a rendered form the easy way
// test for localStorage support
if(('localStorage' in window) && window['localStorage'] !== null){
var f = document.getElementById('mainform');
// test with PHP if the form was sent (the submit button has the name "sent")
<?php if(isset($_POST['sent']))){?>
// get the HTML of the form and cache it in the property "state"
// if the form hasn't been sent...
<?php }else{ ?>
// check if a state property exists and write back the HTML cache
if('state' in localStorage){
f.innerHTML = localStorage.getItem('state');
<?php } ?>
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I like the idea.

I'd put something in front of localStorage so it won't throw when it's undefined.

if (this.localStorage || 'localStorage' in this)

I think firefox requires the latter or it will freeze or crash in some versions.

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ghost commented Aug 27, 2010

Great idea! I recently wrote a front end app that caches the results of multiple calculations as an HTML fragment for summation purposes. Storing the inputs and results locally for future retrieval is a great feature add. I wonder if, in that scenario, we should be advising users that the results are cached from their last visit and give them an opportunity to reset.

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