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  • Progressive Web Apps - The Best of Both Worlds - the Slide deck as PDF to embed or download

  • Yes, this should be a PWA - Aaron Gustafson's Alistapart article about what parts of the PWA stack can be beneficial for different types of web content, apps or not.

  • PWA Builder, a command line tool and web interface to generate and validate manifests and service workers from existing web pages

  • Google Lighthouse - an add-on to Google developer tools helping you to create fast loading, accessible and performant PWAs

  • Workbox - a JavaSCript helper library to ease the development of service workers

  • Service Worker cookbook - a collection of ways to cache and notify using service workers

  • What the web can do today - a listing of all the new capabilities of the web and a test what your current setup supports

  • PWA Stats - a collection of success stories of PWAs

  • PWA directory - a collection of PWAs and their performance scores in Lighthouse and Webpagetest

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