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Fact #01 - Sky Babies

Apart from a crash, the worst nightmare of every flight attendant is childbirth on board. Although extremely rare, nearly 60 babies were born in the sky!

Fact #02 - A long flight

The longest commercial flight you can book is a flight from Singapore to New York that lasts 18 hours 50 minutes... better get comfortable!

Fact #03 - 47 Seconds

Not a fan of airtime? The shortest flight available takes place in Scotland. It connects Westray to Papa Westray and takes 47 seconds!

Fact #04 - Forbidden Number

Since the number 13 is considered an unlucky number in Western culture, most airlines don't have a row 13 on their planes!

Fact #05 - Nowhere to go

As a result of the pandemic, some companies started offering ‘flights to nowhere’. Although the destination was the same as the departure, it seemed to have been a commercial success!

Fact #06 - Flight to HEL

In 2017, on a Friday the 13th, Flight 666 to HEL took off for the last time, before being renumbered.

Fact #07 - Dried Out

The pressurised air in the flight cabin is kept below 20% humidity, which is about the average humidity of the Sahara desert!

Fact #08 - Pilots' meals

In most airlines, pilots and co-pilots are required to eat different meals in case of food poisoning!

Fact #09 - Lucky Few

It is estimated that only around 5% of the world’s population gets boards on a plane each year.

Fact #10 - Taste Buds

Your taste buds become 30% less sensitive while flying. But not every flavor is affected equally!'s,30%25%20while%20in%20the%20cabin.

Fact #11 - Mayday, Mayday

"MAYDAY" was made official as an international distress call in 1948. It is derived from the French word "m’aidez", which means "help me"!

Fact #12 - Old Bones

The average age of commercial aircraft is 20 years. They are usually retired at around 30 years of age.

Fact #13 - Fast as lightning

From 1976 to 2003, the Concorde flew at twice the speed of sound, connecting NYC to London in 2 hours and 52 minutes!

Fact #14 - In the dark

At night, lights on board are dimmed for landing and takeoff so that in the event of an emergency, passengers' eyes will already be adjusted to darkness.

Fact #15 - Raise your shade

On landing and take-off, attendants ask you to raise your shade so they can see outside and decide which side of the aircraft is the safest if an evacuation was needed!

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