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Created September 12, 2023 11:37
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Midjourney banned words
"Gore": [
"Blood", "Bloodbath", "Crucifixion", "Bloody", "Flesh", "Bruises", "Car crash", "Corpse", "Crucified", "Cutting", "Decapitate", "Infested", "Gruesome", "Kill (as in Kill la Kill)", "Infected", "Sadist", "Slaughter", "Teratoma", "Tryphophobia", "Wound", "Cronenberg", "Khorne", "Cannibal", "Cannibalism", "Visceral", "Guts", "Bloodshot", "Gory", "Killing", "Surgery", "Vivisection", "Massacre", "Hemoglobin", "Suicide", "Female Body Parts"
"Drugs": [
"Drugs", "Cocaine", "Heroin", "Meth", "Crack"
"Clothing": [
"no clothes", "Speedo", "au naturale", "no shirt", "bare chest", "nude", "barely dressed", "bra", "risqué", "clear", "scantily", "clad", "cleavage", "stripped", "full frontal unclothed", "invisible clothes", "wearing nothing", "lingerie with no shirt", "naked", "without clothes on", "negligee", "zero clothes"
"Adult": [
"ahegao", "pinup", "ballgag", "Playboy", "Bimbo", "pleasure", "bodily fluids", "pleasures", "boudoir", "rule34", "brothel", "seducing", "dominatrix", "seductive", "erotic seductive", "fuck", "sensual", "Hardcore", "sexy", "Hentai", "Shag", "horny", "shibari (bondage in japanese)", "incest", "Smut", "jav", "succubus", "Jerk off king at pic", "thot", "kinbaku (bondage in japanese)", "transparent", "legs spread", "twerk", "making love", "voluptuous", "naughty", "wincest", "orgy", "Sultry", "XXX", "Bondage", "Bdsm", "Dog collar", "Slavegirl"
"Other": [
"Torture", "Disturbing", "Farts", "Fart", "Poop", "Warts", "Xi Jinping", "Shit", "Pleasure", "Errect", "Big Black", "Brown pudding", "Bunghole", "Vomit", "Voluptuous", "Seductive", "Sperm", "Hot", "Sexy", "Sensored", "Censored", "Silenced", "Deepfake", "Inappropriate", "Pus", "Waifu", "mp5", "Succubus", "1488", "Surgery"
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