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PSF Infrastructure Working Group charter

Infrastructure Working Group Charter

Effective until ...
Chair Noah Kantrowitz


The Python Software Foundation (PSF) Infrastructure Working Group (Infra-WG) exists to provide technical support and services to the Python community.


The Infra-WG shall only provide services to approved PSF Working Groups (WGs) and Python community groups and organizations (COs) recognized by the PSF Board of Directors (Board) as being critical to the success of the mission of the PSF.


Membership in the Infra-WG is open to all members of the PSF, however several special classes of member are recognized. Any PSF member may apply for membership in the Infra-WG by joining the Infra-WG mailing list.


Infrastructure staff are members that have shown they are both worthy of the trust of the whole Python community, and are willing to put the time and effort in to maintain servers and services operated by the Infra-WG. Staff membership is at the sole discretion of the Chair, however members are encouraged to ask about staff status if they feel it would be appropriate. A staff member can step down to normal membership at any time.


Any WG or CO that is receiving services from the Infra-WG is required to have at least one person join the Infra-WG as a tenant member. Tenant members act as a liaison between the Infra-WG and their respective tenant organizations. This person will be the point of contact for service questions or issues, and will receive announcements as needed if their service will be impacted. Tenant members may leave the Infra-WG at any time, as long as each WG or CO has at least one tenant member.


The only officer of the Infra-WG is the Chair. The Chair is appointed by the PSF Board of Directors (Board), and can be replaced at any time. Due to the often-reactive nature of server operations the Chair is empowered to make decisions as needed to ensure service, however the Chair is encouraged to seek input from the membership and delegate to staff as appropriate.

Services Offered

Any WG approved by the PSF membership is automatically eligible for services. In the event that a WG's charter is not renewed or otherwise revoked, they can apply to transfer to CO status. COs can apply for services by submitting a request to the Chair and the Board indicating what services are requested and how they will further the mission of the PSF.

The Infra-WG will offer all services to all tenants, but subject to resource constraints and other potential availability restrictions. Final say in what services can be provided rests with the Chair. New services may be added at the discretion of the Chair.

Domain registration

The Infra-WG will manage domain registration and renewal as needed. Payment for the registration is not covered, and will need to arranged by the requesting tenant though this may be handled within the PSF if approved by the Board.


The Infra-WG will host DNS zones for tenants. Unless the Infra-WG is also providing domain registration services, it is the responsibility of the tenant to update their name server records with the information provided by the Infra-WG. The Infra-WG will also manage DNSSEC as requested.

SSL Certificate Management

The Infra-WG will acquire and manage SSL certificates for tenants. If the Infra-WG is not managing domain registration this may require some coordination with the tenant to approve the certificate request.

Server Hosting

The Infra-WG will provide relatively stock VM servers as requested. These will run a standardized Linux distribution and some basic system maintenance will be handled by the Infra-WG. Tenants will receive root access to their VMs. All servers will be backed up and monitored by the staff team.

Application Hosting

For tenants not comfortable with running a server on their own, the Infra-WG will offer to assist with writing Chef cookbooks to deploy applications in a manner such that the staff team can provide more direct application support in some cases.


As an on-going service oriented group, the Infra-WG has no specific term.


As an on-going service oriented group, the Infra-WG has no specific milestones. An annual survey of tenants and members will be conducted to establish goals for the coming year. These goals shall be published to the PSF general membership by the Chair. Milestones for individual projects under the direction of the Infra-WG will be discussed internally and made available to Infra-WG members. The Chair and Infra-WG staff will assist in planning milestones for other WGs that require Infra-WG services.


While membership is open to all PSF members, any information discussed within the group is confidential unless otherwise state. Accordingly, the list archives will only be available to members and discussion of sensitive topics should be constrained to non-public arenas.


Official Infra-WG business and on-going operations will be conducted in English.

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